Dan Hancock

About Me

Dan recalls that his initial fascination with tattoos stems from a rough and ready spider web on his Uncle’s elbow. From a very early age his uncle would tell stories of a man who used a big needle in order to carve images onto the skin. Fortunately Dan was not deterred and at the age of 17 went to get his first tattoo.

Combine this love of tattoos with a natural gift for drawing and the obvious route was to pursue a career in tattooing. Dan initially worked as an apprentice at 72 tattoo under the guidance of Sean Lyons and Gavin Rourke. He then joined Pain Divine, a studio in Croydon, where he was working alongside Krzysztof Wlodarski a well-respected polish artist.

Even though Dan was now working as a full time tattooist he learnt the tough lesson that in this trade you are constantly learning, a fact which he now embraces as he strives to become a better artist. Dan is now back at 72 tattoo as a full time artist and you may also see him working conventions across the country, where he has won awards for his signature style of detailed and eye catching black and grey.

Dan works tirelessly at his art and is constantly working to give his customers tattoos that they can wear with pride forever.