Moving Shadow


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4308 W. Forest Home Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53219
United States
Phone: (001) 414 719 8289

Services offered

Piercing, Tattoo Studio

About Us

MOVING SHADOW INK… Established by artist Mario Zapata. This shop is here so we can better represent ourselves as artists. Everybody these days call themselves artists so we wanted to show what our interpretation of an artist is…MSI-Tattoos by Artists Although the art of tattooing produces images, an artist is more than an image maker, more than an illusionist. A great artist is a master of lines and shape-a draftsman of color. Such an artist can arrange pigments on skin so that they are transformed into light & shadow, day and night, space and objects, bodies or movement. Great artists dip their needles not into ink but into light, shadow and reflections. Knowing how to understand, contemplate, and love a work of art is just important as knowing how to create beauty. You may never have heard of us before and you will never forget us after this. Mario Z. I wasn’t given this by any apprenticeship or some art school; I was born with this gift. Come see what I’m talking about, come see the truth. My name is Mario Z and I’m a master artist that represents Moving Shadow Ink, The new breed of elite tattoo artists. 

Artists who work here