Queen Mary

Published: 20 December, 2009 - Featured in Skin Deep 140, December, 2006

The Queen Mary is a magnificent cruise ship which once travelled the seas with pride and swifted her elegant body through terrible atlantic storms and waves as high as a house! She was build in Southampton during the early 1930s and had her virgin cruise in 1936. I bet this ole lady saw quite a lot of action and as she got too old, she found her self a nice deserved spot to retire in Long Beach, Sunny California, just a stones throw away from Los Angeles!

Today she serves as a Hotel, Museum and a convention center and on this particular weekend she opened her arms to welcome a very special crowd of Top Tattoo Artists who pleasured the expected venue guests with the sweetest pain money can buy! There were over 3000 people during the entire weekend, just to make sure that there’s more than enough work for the more than 100 Artists like Bob Tyrrell, Paul Booth, 

Jack Rudy, Joe Capobianco, Bugs.... and the list of big names continues! 

Quite an amount of Tattoo Artists from Europe made it all that way, half across the globe. Mao and Roberto Hernandez from Spain, Elise from Italy, The Bad Bones of Portugal brought some more colour into this already colourful event, the UK was represented by The Family business from London and Stephanie Chaudesaigues from France was a welcome treat for the Californian tattoo community too. Sorry, but its just impossible to mention everybody!

Outside, and around the ship was a great custom car and bike show, with unbelievable bikes and even more Hot Rod Cars of the 1930’s and the divine Road Candies of the 1940-50’s. There was this constant sound of so many roaring V8 engines what made cold shivers run up and down my spine and If it hadn’t been so freakin hot that weekend... I could have sworn... I was in Heaven, rrrrrrrh!

For entertainment there were many invited bands playing, catering for almost every music taste from Rockabilly to metal and Punk. And of course the Tattoo contests, which were spread out over the whole weekend. Which I think is not too bad idea.... at least you didn’t have to go through ONE ENDLESS LONG contest on Sunday night.

SECURITY was written in big bold capital letters at all times and before you could enter the Convention site, you had to go through the same pains of security check and metal detector as you would do to board an airplane. The Police itself were present in quiet but efficient force with smiling faces, they patroled the event and made sure that everything went smooth without any unnecessary hassle and surprises.I think it was extremely well organized, there was even enough free cooled water to keep the people hydrated, no shortage of Beer, Food and Rum plus a free shuttle bus every 15 mins from Downtown to the Queen Mary was provided as the convention was a bit off the beaten track and I’m sure that this saved a lot of driving licenses that weekend!

I had a fantastic time at the convention, but I have to say, what starts bothering me at conventions, is that a lot of people are starting to steal tattoo designs with their camera phones. Photographing unique tattoos straight off the portfolio of tattooists, to take them to their local tattooist who would, (of course) do that stolen design for a fraction of the price! I actually saw a tattooist (while working on a customer) trying to keep a whole bunch of people from photographing his flash and portfolio with their phones...

But unfortunately with no effect... Its almost has hard as keeping a swarm of crickets out of your garden!

Anyway.... I will sure be there next year! 

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