Published on: 09 June, 2010

London’s Wellcome Collection begins a three-month-long exhibition tomorrow as it delves into the mysteries of the largest human organ: skin.

Skin is divided into four themes (Objects, Marks, Impressions, and Afterlives) and it presents a philosophical perspective on each of these areas. Obviously, the one that piqued my attention, Marks, delves into the realms of skin as a living documentary of our lives and the ways in which we choose to mark it (with tattoos) or have it marked for us (with scars and wrinkles). The star attraction of this element of the exhibition is an incredible array of tattooed skin that dates back to the mid nineteenth century.

As part of the exhibition, July 22nd sees a special talk entitled ‘Tattoos: Marks of Meaning’ and features Sean Wood of Woody’s Tattoo Studio as one of the speakers. The discussion focuses on the rationale for people’s decisions behind their body art and suggesting possible reasons for these choices.

The exhibition beings June 10th and runs until September 26th, coinciding with The International London Tattoo Convention and giving you a little something extra to add to your Big Smoke itinerary.


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Image © Wellcome Library / Wellcome Images