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Default Pls review portfolio

Any feed back will be greatly appreciated. This is just a handful of Pages of my portfolio just wondering If it still needs tons of work. Iíve been working on it for months just a tad bit nervous.
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Pls review portfolio-22c0d2ad-8342-44ae-a3c7-e0f0e926f1eb.jpeg   Pls review portfolio-88cb347e-e197-4d60-9f3e-551a0e585498.jpeg   Pls review portfolio-5a5065eb-6aec-4a81-80ad-bbf2ce775321.jpeg   Pls review portfolio-ee108f30-695c-4350-b141-388842cc3569.jpeg   Pls review portfolio-94255b3d-bd16-4d92-bd51-22c89e7528a7.jpeg  

Pls review portfolio-a4a9ae76-a33f-4885-ab01-7b9373bdfd24.jpeg   Pls review portfolio-8d52a337-4ba3-4e1e-a09f-2f597600c31c.jpeg  
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Default Bump

Pls review portfolio-dc907736-c86b-493e-8506-338abe546fcf.jpeg

Pls review portfolio-259c74a0-3474-458e-98c5-7c34dd22c671.jpeg

Pls review portfolio-6b23b677-fae9-4e9e-b823-a62d9e8b16d1.jpeg

Pls review portfolio-bd5f3421-7b77-49ff-aac4-190507ac5784.jpeg

Pls review portfolio-7b999243-bdd4-46c3-93ae-8c8b02b22cd0.jpeg

Pls review portfolio-67a1f033-b61b-4760-8542-a26a9ef70022.jpeg

Pls review portfolio-cb20330a-c498-4b39-92f1-20c7fec57313.jpeg
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To be honest dude, Yeah it does need a lot of work. Proportions are way off on a lot of the images especially the faces. Even small simple details, like the position of the eyeball on the skull are off, making it look bog eyed. I would remove the homer simpson as its way off and stands out like a sore thumb.

Make sure to vary the line weight on drawings as it helps to add depth, for example the outline should be thicker than the lines that add the details. Standard beginner mistake is to shy away from black, DONT, always add black shading as it makes the images pop out. Especially in the Japanese work, none of yours has shading therefore it looks flat and boring. Also the rest of the images could use darker tones.

I don't mean to sound harsh dude, but in this day in age with sooooooo many people wanting to get into the industry you have to bring the best portfolio you can. I can see that you have potential, however you need to practice as much as you can.

I spent nearly two years refining my drawing skills before I went into any studio, then another year or so after that I got into a studio.
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Thanks for the honest input. I don’t consider what you said to be harsh everything helps. Always good to get a trained eyes opinion thanks again.
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