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Default Seeking apprenticeship in/around Liverpool

Hi my name is Catherine and I知 looking for a tattoo apprenticeship in or close to Liverpool. I知 29 and currently work in catering, though I can reduce my hours to fit in alongside the apprenticeship. I paint every single night and am very dedicated. I致e always wanted to be a tattoo artist but was lacking in confidence. I知 confident enough in my work now that I think I知 ready. I really just want to learn and am looking for the right place to help me start. Some of my work is below and the rest can be found at -

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Seeking apprenticeship in/around Liverpool-7013545f-4fc3-4fb3-a610-9544283e06bd.jpeg   Seeking apprenticeship in/around Liverpool-705d2706-60d0-4a24-845e-25ab71cf734e.jpeg   Seeking apprenticeship in/around Liverpool-006849cf-d7f6-432f-ac33-48ed28e5ad7c.jpeg   Seeking apprenticeship in/around Liverpool-4ab3f423-8ed8-422d-b5b7-bb87f8a52e9f.jpeg   Seeking apprenticeship in/around Liverpool-6e7e3b36-49c8-42c4-805b-02a805234f5a.jpeg  

Seeking apprenticeship in/around Liverpool-d14d48ea-72f5-4355-ba54-b4acd5cafbd9.jpeg   Seeking apprenticeship in/around Liverpool-31516e24-7479-4055-84db-bf32a27f6e4f.jpeg   Seeking apprenticeship in/around Liverpool-697fb397-a13a-4604-bba1-9999ac1bc344.jpeg  
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hello catherine, if youre truly looking to become a tattoo artist then I think youre going to have to change the way you approach your designs here. None of these designs unfortunately would translate well into tattoos. They are pretty paintings but they wont be good tattoos. Why? because tattoos on human skin fade over time and designs with little to no contrast will fade quickly, this is part of the reason to many tattoo artists use linework and use of a lot of black ink. because the black helps keep the image together over the years.

The peachy type colors you are so fond of are virtually invisible on the skin. Its going to be hard to hear, but your designs are not very good in the traditional sense. Your designs lack any rendering in them. If you really want this for yourself, youre going to need to seriously put your nose to the grindstone and begin really teaching yourself to draw and paint. People that are unwilling to change the way they do things are doomed to fail.

You need to get yourself a sketchbook, and a set of pencils from 2h, h, hb, 2b, 3b etc. You should begin practices every day for 30 minute sessions at least of doing life studies, pick and image online or a thing in the world and try your best to draw it. - oh and at first its going to be god awful, but push through it because youll get better. You should look into getting a set of Micron fine tip marker pens as well as they will be the best thing you can use to create solid black linework

If this does not appeal to you then you need to get yourself a set of good acrylic or oil paints, some paint brushes and begin doing still life painting practices. you can scour the internet for videos of how to.

Good luck, keep us updated.
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NOTE - It may seem like I am criticising you a lot but understand I am just trying to give you the info you can use to make a path to become a great artist, I am not trying to be mean etc

I agree with everything johnpaulww but thought I would add my own thoughts

While your drawings are cute and appealing (though would make poor tattoos) illustration style, at least with the ones you have shown here/on your IG

1. You dont give a sense that you understand form (through either line + line weight variation or value changes)
2. There is no real evidence that you understand light + shadow (ie value changes, edges etc)
3. Because of the simplicity of the designs I cant tell what your handle on colour theory is like
- while some of your drawings show some of the above in places, there are enough drawings that dont that make me think it is more accidental when they do more than anything else

So overall I think you lack a general sense of the fundamentals of art (which are form, value, edge, colour and some say composition)

Your issue may be that you are trying to jump into a style too quickly rather than taking your time to really grasp what makes a drawing great, why the artist made the decisions they did etc. People sometimes 'hide' behind the style they do and just say it looks like X because thats their style but a lot of the time that is them trying to mask their flaws rather than tackle them to become a better artist as thats much easier (this normally applies to beginner artists)

Don't forget while it is good to have a style, at least at first, you will be tattooing everything that comes through the door really as

1. You wont have a clientele coming to you for a specific thing
2. you need to learn the technical skills of tattooing (like with any other medium when starting out with it)

so you could be doing realism, neo trad, trad, dotwork etc etc and your current work doesnt show you have the technical art skills to pull a lot of that off (fundamentals of art are transferable to most styles so once you have a good grasp of them it is fairly straightforward to dip in and out of different styles as you understand what makes each one different, ie realism relies on hard + soft + lost edges to give form change where as neo-trad relies more on the side of line + different line weights more (dependant on the specific artist) but both convey still form).

So what I would do if I was you (if the fundamentals are something new to you) is

1. do what johnpaulww with life drawing/drawing from photographs, this is great
2. take a course that teaches the fundamentals of drawing (schoolism offer a essentials of realism that teaches the fundamentals and while it is geared towards realism, they are applied to most styles, the firesidetattoo network also does a course or you could go from youtube videos which is free but this can but harder as you want to build up from easier to harder examples which can be difficult to choose at first or you could use books on each of these fundamentals, avoid ones that say they teach all of them in one book as these normally dont teach enough of any of them)

This will take a while (you can spend 6-12 months, 6-10 hours a day practising the fundamentals specifically fairly easily as they underpin pretty much all of art) but your drawings will become much better and transitioning to other styles + subject matter will be much much easier

Another note is until you have a good understanding of value + edges, I would stay away from colour as this just complicates things and a lot of people can confuse having a problem with colour with actually having a problem with values

the goal of doing studies in value, colour, edge and form arent to produce nice drawings to show people, thats for more finished projects, the aim is to improve your art ability so dont beat yourself up if something goes wrong etc just draw, evaluate what you did right + wrong, work on what you did wrong, repeat.

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