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Default Portfolio critique and advice

I am currently looking for a tattoo apprenticeship within the Cardiff area. I have had a passion for drawing, painting, and tattooing going on 10+ years now. I have just finished a degree in Fine Art im now 28 and find myself in position where I’m ready to start an **apprenticeship.

My portfolio (linked below) consists of a broad range and variety of styles and mediums to show my versatility and eagerness to learn and grow as an artist, from oil painting portraits all the way to digital neo traditional.

I am in a financially stable situation working part time, with no drama or bad habits, and have never attempted to tattoo anyone to date. I am positive and humble with a keen appetite to learn and soak up all the knowledge given to me. I am fully prepared for the dedication and expectations of an apprenticeship. I know I can be a great addition to the tattoo industry.

Please Feel free to critique my work any advice or guidance would be amazing and much appreciated.

Jon Critcher



Instagram – Paradox06 (complete portfolio in Highlights)
Some recent work of mine below more on instagram.
Portfolio critique and advice-7fb32fb5-edbb-4973-8d05-939f41042cd6.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-b34ec1e1-058c-49ca-a702-58d88dcce1e6.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-00223b83-c040-4ecf-bf2c-7c034fd80a8c.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-7d6d3f4a-0e0b-44e7-ac24-7d3b2feae79e.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-93e49f4c-f97c-4f19-80ed-b91140c12642.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-64249cf2-d8e4-437e-92ea-771d03181042.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-d30f352c-3ce4-4164-8e49-e01a36e72a7d.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-2c92c82b-22d0-4ca2-bcfd-1203c3af6353.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-1645d799-380f-4ea6-91db-31a2eec3a740.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-2f442506-5655-4d82-9f04-17a10fd2e112.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-2f5d98a0-a7b2-44df-a847-d5dd643a4e1b.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-0ceee90a-e5ce-4ef0-bfbf-6ae0dc9cdef2.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-35f4d928-fbf7-4735-8da1-d5d93b9dd668.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-cba326c7-36b9-4bc5-bf8d-07430890904a.jpeg

Portfolio critique and advice-892637f7-0ed8-48de-81ad-a7796c678eb4.jpeg

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Hi Jon, my name is also John =). I am also 28. I did a tattoo apprenticeship 2 years ago and got the gig simply from knowing someone and I got in with no portfolio. That apprenticeship did not end well - working under a friend can go bad. I also have been drawing for years and years. After my first apprenticeship ended poorly I redoubled my efforts as an artist and began drawing like crazy. I put together a portfolio of 15 pieces and began taking them in person from shop to shop and asking them for advice on the drawings and asking if they had any room to take an apprentice. Eventually I found a place and now I am doing tattoos part time and still working part time. (side note* today they gave me the key and alarm code to the shop! glorious day)

First presentation is important. Get yourself a professional looking portfolio. You can go to Kinkos or some print store and print high quality images of your digital pictures and such. Do not put sketches or partly finished works in there. Make sure your Instagram is up to date with your best finished works. Much of tattooing these days happens on Instagram but if you are going to go in person to shops, you do not want the artists to have to scroll through their phone to see your work.

To me, the best piece of art should ALWAYS go first, put the second best in the very back, and your third best in the center of the presentation. Im a psych BA and this is an old trick .

critique -
my favorite piece is the knives, they seem the most finished project in the lot. The sheets of guns is unfinished due to lack of rendering in my eyes. small gun designs would have to be simplified as a tattoo, the lines are gonna be blurred together, and large tattoos would expect rendering. I have the same problem with the mandalas - they lack shading or color.

I like the stephen hawking one, but the pencil portion lacks contrast. the trash polka style females seem like they were done too quickly. usually track polka has at least 1 color in it as well.

The fake tattoo flash pages are nice, dig em, some of the shapes need work, but good. I like the peonies, not a big fan of the vagina one though. The skull and tentacles is nice , needs more effort on the rending portion, it feels like you paid more attention to the background than the rending. The first drawing in the post though is kind of the worst to be honest, it doesn’t translate well to a tattoo ithe shapes are kind of wonky too. Trying to cram so much linework into a tattoo design is a nightmare.

The last piece with the magnifying glass is nice, the face could use more contrast in spots. Pretty well done though

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