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My name's Tom. I'm from Southampton in the UK but currently living in Hong Kong. I've got a few tattoos, mostly from artists based in the UK.

It's really cool to see so many members with amazing collections! I've found out quite a lot about different artists from reading this forum, so I figured I might as well start posting!

IG: tdhine
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Just saying hello! I'm new to the forum but not new to tattoos. Some may know me from IG or conventions, but I'm a collector with pieces by Mike Carro, Timothy Boor, Paul Acker, Ron Russo, Mumia, Potter, etc. I'll mess with my profile when I get a chance. Peace.

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Cool just saying hello

been a long time lurker and now im just saying hello ,
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Never officially said hello, but I'm a newly aspiring collector from Dallas. Loving the vibe/experience I have found on this forum and can't wait to share my collection as it grows as well as seeing others do the same
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Wassgood, My name is Dom, a.k.a. "AP".
Im an aspirering tattooer. Ive been closely following and educating myself about the trade for the last year or so, also started practicing with the tools for a few months now. Definitley looking to start an apprenticeship as soon as possible before i start developing bad habbits. Ive got a lot to learn and fuckin ready for the adventure.

My main art is Traditional Graphite. I also do Digital Art, Booty Analysis, and Poetry.
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Hello everyone my name is Judith West from Daytona beach Florida. Just like everyone here whoís part of this forum, I love ink! A little bit about myself, Iíve been married for 8 years, I have three adorable kids and Iím a tattoo designer by choice. It was a hobby at first that later transcended into a business. Most of the art I've done are for Momentary Ink, one of the many things I love to do, itís where I can express myself. You should go visit there website www.momentaryink.com and check some of my designs there. The best part about what I do is making everyone around me happy thru creativity, teaching and inspiring others to be the best they can be.
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Hi everyone, just figured out that I hadn't introduced myself so far (sorry about that), so I'm a 24 yo guy from Belgium and got my first tattoo last Monday, a wolf chest piece by Bruno Santos (Dublin Ink). I'm fond of blackwork and already have ideas for my 2-3 next tattoos . Looking forward to discovering all your interesting threads. Cheers!
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Hi all! I am new to the forum and look forward to talking with you all about beautiful tattoos. I have one tat, but am planning my second one now!
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Hey, my name is Dan Molloy. Iím from Perth in Western Australia and Iíve been tattooing for about six years and building tattoo machines for two. My friend Don put me on to this forum last week while I was working on his back and I thought I would come check it out.
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Greetings Dan. I hope your black panther game is strong. It's a forum favourite.
Instagram - @jimmbobk
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hello everyone

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