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thats a result. nice one
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Well done! Good to see common sense prevailed
Originally Posted by LuciiFera
My dad once uttered the phrase 'Why can't you just wear a shellsuit like all your friends?'
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Originally Posted by Slybacon
The recent coverage of red hot and blue in the edinburgh evening news has obviously inspired their sister paper the scotsman, there's a top five places to get tattooed section in todays's "Scotsman Recomends:"

Not sure how they arrived at this, bit of an odd top five though (no offence to those mentioned) as one of the five is a fictional character?

They list:
1.Jeff Kohl: Studio 13
2.Bill Hooper: Bill's Tattoo
3.Terry Wrigley (senior) (Glasgow)
4. Daughter Alice (fictional character from the novel "Until I find you")
5.Spacey: Bizarre Ink
Not been on for a while so just catching up with stuff! Glad the council saw the light etc. The list above has cheered me up for the day tho! Tis priceless!!
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