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Sarah thats wicked!
How did you find getting tattooed with the cameras all on you and stuff?

I have to say I do love all the Ink programs, it was just that bullitin that struck me as being a bit desperate.
Originally Posted by Ink Minx View Post
I surf this very forum while curling one off.
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Aw hell Sarah how cool! Fab ink and fab pic
I never thought to take a bloody camera -doh!

I don't think it matters whether there a z-listers, general public or the queens bloody corgis............... I don't think TV stuff like this is going to be acceptable while the foo foo TV peeps run the show?
Having been there myself Lou isn't the over bearing pudding he's shown as on London Ink (1) and Dan isn't little bloody boy lost either.

The experience I had was a very well run studio (yes I know it was made for TV, but it did exist) and an extremely fun happy thing to be involved with.
Sadly its the TV folk that makes it all weird? I say just look at the pretty ink and appreciate the very talented artists!
Originally Posted by Kerry!
And lets face it we ALL end up talking shite.

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Well said GG!!

I loved the whole experience as I wasn't asked to act up for the cameras or do anything I didn't want to do and Louis is a true gentleman!

My whole reason for going on the show was to effectively skip Louis' two year waiting list and Manchester is freaking miles away from where I live. Saying that, I now want more work from him so I will be saving my pennies and waiting paitently.
Heaven doesn't want me and Hell's afraid I'll take over
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well if they got someone from bb having a tat i propose wanker in large letters on the forehead!!lol
some people are like slinky,s! useless, but make you smile when you push them down the stairs!!
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