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Normal for Norfolk
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Originally Posted by CHRIS29 View Post
all marks n spencer ads
Except for the Christmas one with Antonio Banderas in it. <3 <3 <3
Originally Posted by phil_kyle
Maybe you could use some Phil Kyle toothpaste to brush the bullshit from your mouth.
Q. According to Freud, what comes between fear and sex?
A. Fünf.
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Ergh, that whiskers advert just came on... where it basically says 'cats are so shit, they hate you really- and you know it, so why not buy this really expensive new range of gourmet cat food for it'

I don't get the appeal of an advert like that... maybe it's a cat lover inside joke or something

Deviant Art

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My cats already act like spoiled little shits when it comes to food, I really don't need a product that encourages this behaviour.
Originally Posted by LuciiFera
My dad once uttered the phrase 'Why can't you just wear a shellsuit like all your friends?'
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Thrush adverts, all of them. They always seem to be on at tea-time too
It's no wonder your breath stinks, with all that rimming
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I love the new Oasis adverts with Cactus kid.
I'd fix to have his baby.
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Originally Posted by Any Channy? View Post
It's not on anymore but the kellogs "its gonna taste great" use to make me go red just watching it

Apparently that kid got the shit kicked out of him in school for that ad.

I always hated the Churchill adverts...until he went all gangster and started swearing:

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any of the "are you a clumsy twat? do you want to sue somebody? go on, we promise we won't screw you over as well..." do my nut in. actually, pretty much the only adverts that don't make me want to stab myself in the face are the carlsberg ones. for everything else, i just turn the sound off- you'd be surprised how ludicrous they look when out of context.
"This is not about what you want-
This is democracy!"
Originally Posted by cherryghost View Post
"If you can't tattoo anything well, don't tattoo at all"

Now fuck off.
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keeping 'em stiff
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the sky+ advert, especially Felicity Kendal's bit
Originally Posted by BettyBean
Hahaaaaa! You can't be talking QVC in the crematorium!
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Originally Posted by cherry View Post
Haven't watched TV for months! I really haven't missed it either, although saying that, when Football starts up again I may have to!!
my boy aint playin no foozeball.,

aye but youve got other things to amuse you rather than TV aintcha?:P

Originally Posted by rockabillyhun
ripping up kitchen rolls at conventions is not an apprenticeship..
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Originally Posted by maryjane View Post
The stupid ones with Divina and her fucking mum aswell.
Her mum is dead that's what creeps me out
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