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Default Tattoo over lasered skin

One of my customers has been having a tattoo lasered on the top of his arm.
He lost his son a couple of years ago and got two portraits done very soon after from somewhere in Rotherham. They're both poorly done. he's been having the worst one lasered off & today I did him a new portrait of his son over the one that was lasered.

I don't have a photo of the one he had lasered at the moment but this is the better one of the two on his other arm, the other was very similar with writing underneath but a bit worse.

He's doesn't have the greatest skin to tattoo as he's worked outside most of his life and the old tattoo had scarred him a bit so he wasn't the easiest person to tattoo but I did the best I could & this is what I put over the lasering.

There were a few traces of the old tattoo under there so I hope the new shading will be enough to hide them. I considered doing the tattoo in colour but his skin was too suntanned for a lot of the skin tones to show up.

Thanks for looking.
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Nice work Nigella
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Thats a cracking job. He must have been made up with that. Will you be covering up the other portrait at some stage?
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Lovely shading in the nose!
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A fine job, Nigel. I'm sure he's very pleased with the new portrait.

How many laser sessions did it take to reduce the original work? Have you any before pics just prior to reworking?

Also, how long did you have to leave between his last laser session and getting tattooed again?
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Is this the guy you mentioned before?

He must be absolutely made up with his new tattoo. A far better tribute to his son than the rubbish he had there previously.

I like the composition of this, with the stars and the lettering. Portraits often lack that kind of completeness and look like they are hovering in mid air, but you have addressed that nicely. Me likey.
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That's a fab portrait....I especially love how it simply says 'our son' underneath, beautiful.
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Great job. Knocks the crap out of that poor effort that was done before.I'd also like to know how long was left after lasering till you started tattooing.Had one laser session myself from your mates Paul and Jackie and counting down the weeks till i can get the next session done.
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That's awesome, nice work buddy!
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That's a much better tribute than the lame ones some other joker put there. You did good!
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