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Originally Posted by phil_kyle View Post
haha the show is not my baby///MY baby is MAGNUM OPUS TATTOO...In BRIGHTON...as i said before and will say again...I did the show to represent tattooing...plain and simple.All i am defending is that position.
As i have repeated several times in the thread here.
I only watched it for your hair anyway
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I wasn't living in the UK, when all the 'Inks' started airing, didn't get sky til 2 years ago and it's only recently that I've actually had time to sit down and watch TV.

I really do like London Ink, I love watching artists at work. If I know a friend is going in for a new tattoo or extended work, I love going along and watching. London Ink allows me to view a form of artwork that I enjoy.

The only thing I'm good at drawing is flowers, I winged my GCSE's with monet and picasso lol everything else is a major floor lol but I love seeing how an artist can transfer a human canvas into something amazing.

Of course, there will always be a focal point on drama, when it comes to reality series, it's what sells the majority of it. People can argue away but at the end of the day, producers will always cut n paste something to make it look bigger than it actually is, they are very clever at making things happen that necessarily didn't actually play out that way, during filming. I like to avoid the drama queen parts and watch the real stars at work.

I know I've dragged up an old thread but I like to be fashionably late
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dan rocks , dan the gold star , do you know who i am?!! , international superstars , louis does tribal , uncle louis is dreamy , yawnyawnyawn

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