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Default What are you thinking right...... NOW!

there's a plethary of things running through my mind as I stare longingly at my car out the office window...

* Isn't it odd how whenever I type a website name into internet explorer, regardless of where I want to go my fingers instinctively type www.skin...
* I wonder if it was wise to put the pink knitted scarf in with the hand wash only woollen dress
* I wish someone would make me a cup of tea
* Something work related about risk assesssments and ponds
* I shouldn't have eaten the whole packet of mini cream eggs
* Does that mean it would be wrong to have another slice of carrot cake?
Originally Posted by Jose Lopez
If we just took one second and used it to be inspired or to put our self in those people shoes and learn from them rather than trying to compete I Know we would start to understand how beautiful learning is… For we can learn from even the simplest of men. For the true test of self confidence is having the courage to acknowledge, and to be open to new ideas regardless of their source.

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*why I still let my ex wind me up after all these years
*why am I still sitting in my underwear when a) my clothes are on the bed and b) im freezing
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That I need a new job

Why do I still give a shit about my ex !!

Is my dad gonna come out of hospital soon

Shall I go and see my god kids tinight

Will I get caught using the work pc for my own use when I should be working

What career path shall I take
What you think about yourself is much more important than what others think of you.
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Am I going to see more than three people today/sell anything?

I want a tea but can't be arsed to make it... thats all the way at the back of the shop (About 15ft away)

I hate colds.

I need some new plugs/tunnels.

Does listening to radio 4 all day make up for my brain turning to mush by not being used for anything else.

Why did I leave my DS in Pauls bag, I might have to go and buy heat/reveal/star or something similar in a minute.

Is this like Twitter but on SD?
Originally Posted by Ink Minx View Post
I surf this very forum while curling one off.
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* I'm hungry.
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* Why's it so quiet on here lately?
* What else can I eat?
* I should close this down and do some work
* I want a coffee
* Why doesn't someone answer that fooking phone?
* Why have I just typed another asterisk when there's nothing else in my head?
Vaginal reconstruction? Is that like getting new curtains? (quote by LC)
Our blog
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Chat Slut
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I wish the swelling on my foot tattoo would go away.
I wonder if it's my go on facebook scrabble yet.
I should really be working, those grading files won't complete themselves.
I really need to look for some new shoes.
"Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it"
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It Works!
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* why my right foot is cold & my left foot hot
*that I need to hoover the front room floor before I lay out my latest quilt to back
* that Yes MJ it does seem like twitter on SD
* why is it hubby always wants to look stuff up on the net when I am on it ????
* that my daughter spends far too much time texting!
Got to be good looking coz she's so hard to see !
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*Will lady luck be on my side and get me my job back

* Why do I crave pot noodles then get one and remember I cant stand them.

* Why am I so tired.

* Why don't I have any intresting thoughts.

* Would it be sensible to go to Manchester convention and get work done the flowing friday with obvious distinct lack of funds and no more pay days

* Why can't september be soon so I can start college
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* i should really go back upstairs and try and find my caemra lead so i can put some stuff on ebay
* I wonder when my replacement microwave will come - it's meant to be today
*should do some painting as well - have a joan holloway pin up type thing drawn out, but lack impetus..
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