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It's true!

It's a well known proven scientific fact that if any gay man looks at a straight man, it's because he fancies him and wants to sex him up in to oblivion.

Fortunately a cure has been found to immune oneself from these kind of situations. A mixture of football, beer, who can eat the hottest curry that just tastes like burning and nuts magazine in equal doses.
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this isnt a wind up i promise. im guna go to the village and see what its like. thanjs for all your advice guys.
your mood swings are giving me whiplash
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What you need to do is simple. Keep your tattoos covered when you first meet people and on the first few times you see them. Then, when they start to like you, BLAM. You hit them with the ink. It's a good filtration system. If they lose interest at that point, then you know it's only because of the tattoos and you're well shot of a shallow bastard. If they don't care, then you're onto a winner.

Of course this only works on the basis that you don't get naked with them the first time you meet, which I know is hard for you gays!
I am going to have to turn this opportunity down.
No, you are going to have to turn this opportunity yes!
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