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Default Congrats to Tat2loo

Kasey Cadence Rogers was born Sunday 26th April at 4pm mother and baby are doing great.
So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak.
- Sun Tzu
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oooh Great News!!!!

Congratulations Loo
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Congrats, glad to hear all is well!
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Aww congratulations
It's no wonder your breath stinks, with all that rimming
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Aw congrats, looking forward to seeing pics!
Originally Posted by rob1968 View Post
Will wanking help my smelly ear ????

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Congratulations! Great name too.
Originally Posted by Ink Minx View Post
I surf this very forum while curling one off.
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thats good news congrats
solve 2 problems at once feed the homeless to the hungry
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It Works!
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congratulations Lou !
Got to be good looking coz she's so hard to see !
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Originally Posted by squidgystar View Post
I need to fart again, can I make it to the toilet past all those desks without letting it out?
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aww congratulations
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