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My name is Matt, however you are welcome to call me Vloshko, Vlosh, or Vloshy. I was born in Mordor (Miami Florida), yet I was raised mostly in Colorado. Along the way I lived in a number of places; Canaan New Hampshire, Berkley/Santa Barbara/Ojai California, Aspen/Snowmass/Basalt/Fort Collins Colorado, and I currently reside in Carbondale Colorado.

I am 23 years old, I drive a 2013 Ural sidecar motorcycle and a 1967 Chevy Impala. I work as an Art Glass Blower and for Burning Man. In addition I volunteer my time as a Ranger, Chess tutor/instructor, and Crisis Counselor.

There are a lot of things I love, however I don't really feel like writing about them now.

Anyway I have one tattoo that is still in the works of being finished, It's a full sleeve with about 96% grey scale work, and a very small amount of color (one blue rose with red vine/thorns leading from it). In addition I am looking into modifying the ring on my left hand with a magnet under the skin. I have my ears gauged at 13mm (going larger) and my nipples pierced. After this tattoo is finished (getting more work in 1 day!), I would like to get another full sleeve on my left arm. Finally since I weigh about 30 lbs. more than I should, I'm working to lose weight and then keep it off and stay healthy for a number of reasons, one being that I want to get a full back tattoo all the way down to my cheeks at least.

Take care
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Cool Who am I

Hi I'm Buzz , I've been called that by every person on the planet since I was 2 lol fast forward abit to 16 as my life wasn't a nice story, I joined the army ten years later and 6 languages I became a gardener/cp officer/computer engineer , then I was teaching martial arts and mma as I started when I was 4 years old, I then helped a friend start a successful reptile shop and worked in a care home looking after people with dimensha, all that time a loved art, I had never drawn or even new how to tattoo, even tho it was something I marvelled at, I moved back home and a Naibour who was a full time scratcher tattooing from a converted room in his home started teaching me about tattooing, which sadly was 7 months of learning what not to do lol, so I finally got myself a art portfolio, having refused to tattoo any one or myself, I went on my holy grale search of a apprenticeship I found one :-) I asked a guy after being told by many I was to old to be a tattooist as I was 30 at the time, and he said he didn't but a friend did I stopped teaching martial arts and mma and did freediving instead to keep myself fit and healthy. I went to the interview got the job and now own my own studio ;-) and keep working my ass off to better myself, and wonder were and why didn't I find this tattoo world when I was about 15-16 I will never do anything again! apart from tattooing for the rest of my life.

The end ha ha
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Hi Witty media here....

New business just setting up would so much appreciate any likes and follows
basically i Provide administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely, got quite a few tattooist client they just send me images of their latest tattoos via email and i promote and manage their social media, all just set up really so affordable prices nothing to major website will be ready this week so if anyone needs a website designing and looking after by all means i can do!.

Any help on building likes or follows up on the bellow would be much appreciated its new business that runs this side of the social media for this sort of thing , any help would be so so much appreciated thank you have a good day ...and there is some incredible work on here!! Great Forum ,...



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Hi. I'm new here. I'm a proofreader and copy editor. I am currently obsessed with tattoos, and i have lost count of the number I have. Josh Henderson has done most of mine, but I have one from Richard Stell, too. Love American traditional, black and gray, and art tattoos (I have three Keith Haring pieces, one Basquiat).

I love doggies. I have five. I am also obsessed with music and films..
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I'm Jade from Las Vegas.

I am a Cigar Tobacconist which is basically a fancy way to say I am the person that talks to you in the humidor and makes you a drink to go with it (so I guess I'm a bartender too). I also do social media for our parent company as well.

I have 2 pugs and obsessed with flat faced dogs. I like DIYing shit from crafty things to house renovation. My hobbies mostly mean I collect too much stuff- whiskey and cigars, vinyls, CDs, Kidrobot, succulents and cactus plants, freshwater aquariums/aquascaping. I'm a homecook that has been a wannabe chef and most of my friends I met through food hobbies.

I just basically needed an outlet for my tattoo love as people around me are sick of it and don't get it..And some are against it. Knew I was going to be a collector from the start. I could have gotten tattoos plenty of times, but the art wasn't good enough. Now that I'm not a broke kid and can save for tattoo projects it is time to finally look the way I want to. I've waited 12 years.
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Hi I'm mick from Leeds married two kids and I'm a firefighter. I'm Currently in the process of getting 10 tattoos lasered off my arms and planning 2 sleeves.
I collected the tats whilst in the army but they aren't the best. I've a few more to replace but they will have to wait for now. I really like traditional Japanese stuff so hopefully I can get two nice sleeve cover ups done.
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Hi Mick.

Stick around, enjoy the banter. As you're a firefighter I guess you've got a thick skin. That helps around here because I'm a bit of a twat.

Instagram - @jimmbobk
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Originally Posted by jimmbob View Post
Hi Mick.

Stick around, enjoy the banter. As you're a firefighter I guess you've got a thick skin. That helps around here because I'm a bit of a twat.

Cheers yeah I'm used to twats
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I see you've got the perfect plan for lifetime job security sorted... a firefighter named firestarter, you'll never be short of work!
Instagram: inkofjames
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Default Hy

I'm Alex, 25... I have 9 and I live in Brasov-Romania
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