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Default Tattoos and eczema?

Hey I really want a tattoo but I have eczema on certain parts of my body. I want a tattoo on a part that doesn't have eczema on it, I've read loads about it online but I thought I would ask here if anyone who has eczema has gotten a tattoo and what the results were ?

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Hi Mate,

I suffer from eczema, and did the same as you before my first tattoo, researched everywhere, read some horror stories and worried about it.

I've now had 8 and not really had a problem, including one in my arm ditch which is somewhere I traditionally suffer very badly.

My advice is pick a good artist, one who knows what they are doing. Explain your worries, and if they are anything like the ones I have used they will let you know whether it will be a problem or not depending on how your skin is looking, though I have never had someone turn me away, or even hesitate.

For aftercare, I use a very light layer of bepanthen, warm up the tube before applying to allow for even coverage and to stop it clogging up the pores and causing inflammation etc. After the dry scabby stage use whichever moisturiser you are comfortable with. For me, it is hypoallergenic cocoa butter.

I wouldn't worry about the tattoo being adversely affected by the eczema either, in my experience the eczema has even cleared up around areas I have been tattooed, though there is no scientific evidence of that so please take with an appropriate amount of salt!

Also, as an aside, When chatting to one of my artists about the problems he has with varying types of skin, he said that the needle ran really smoothly, and that my skin had a slightly different feel when tattooing it. Now that won't effect you, but I think it's probably the sheer amount of moisturiser I've had to use over the years!

Good luck, and anymore questions feel free to ask.
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ReDile has pretty much got you covered in one post there but as a fell eczama sufferer i though i'd chime in aswell

you have nothing to worry about, there do seem to be horror stories out there but all i know is that i'm not one of them, i've found the skin that has been tattoo's seems to feel better than my non tattooed skin, but that could just be because i'm looking after it better

you should be fine, especially if you're getting it on a non eczmary part

the important thing is to find a great artist that knows what there doing and make them aware of it before they start on you
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Same as above, I've had no problems with getting, healing or years down the line with our type of annoying skin.

Nothing to add to what's already been said but thought the more good results you hear about the happier you'll be

Good luck and enjoy!
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Hello, im not 100% that this is true, but a tattoo artist i know said that eczema cannot develop on scar tissue, and a tattoo is scare tissue, so when it has cleared up go for it. He had exzema himself, and now has a wkd sleeve from Boris.
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I wouldn't say tattooed skin is scar tissue, not unless you've got badly done tattoos! Scar tissue results from damage within the dermal layer, where a tattoo needle shouldn't go - it is raised and bumpy due to the higgedly-piggledy arrangement of collagen fibres in the dermis. It's not stretchy like normal skin is and there's some other differences too.
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