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Default Recruitment company specifically for tattooed people

So just throwing this out there to get some feedback.

Was shooting some work talk around with a friend of mine who works in recruitment (heavily tattooed but not visible). We got talking about having visible tattoos and how it can affect work but I mentioned how surprised I was that a friend of mine recently got a great job at a company and he has very visible tattoos including hand and neck.

He then came up with the idea of starting a recruitment company specifically for tattooed people. Working with employers to throw stats out there about how many people have tattoos and try and break down some of the barriers that exist and also open up more doors for people with tattoos who might think "I won't apply there or there as they wouldn't accept someone with visible tattoos".

Just wondered what you guys thought to it as an idea and as tattooed people? Do you think it could be a useful resource for those looking for jobs and for employers who are potentially missing out on a bunch of great candidates as they're struggling to see past the skin and need a bit of a nudge of confidence in us tattooed lot.
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Two main problems I see with the idea.

1. You're pulling your target client from a pretty small population.
a) A lot of people with visible tattoos have no interest in working in fields that would judge them based on their tattoos, so they aren't potential clients.
b) Some of the the people with visible tattoos, who are interested in working in these fields that may judge them based on their tattoos, are pretty confident people and will go after these jobs on their own with no hesitation.
c) So you are limited to a clientele that has visible tatttoos, wants to work in a field that may judge them based on those tattoos, and is apprehensive about trying and failing.

2. I think you will have a hard time convincing a potential employer who is judgmental about tattoos to change his stance on that. Not that you won't have valid points, it's just that you are a recruiter and your job is to sell your client, and the employer knows this. Nothing you say about your client means much to the employer. I deal with recruiters a lot and their value to me is finding me candidates, I don't listen to much the recruiter has to say about those candidates because they are just trying to sell.

I think the one thing you could do is take these tattooed clients who are reluctant to apply for certain jobs and beef up their confidence. Convince them that they are valued in the workplace. Show them statistics to make them believe it. If they go into the interview confident and empowered you will have increased their chances of getting the job.

But again, I'm not sure there is a business model there because I'm not sure there are enough potential clients to keep your doors open.

Maybe this would be a good strategy for an existing recruiting firm to use in order to widen their client base?
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i don't understand this...

why would a company that had an objection to people with visible tattoos contact a recruitment agency that only has those sort of people in the books?

it's like Hitler asking Anne Frank to recommend a new lieutenant
Please go to a reputable artist.
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Why would you look to employ a person who is specifically tattooed! ?
The answers:
Idea for your new tattoo: unicorn. No that can't be covered.
Yes get that lasered.

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