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Default Howdy Y'awl!

Think I just found him.
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Maybe he was trying to cause some obfuscation...who knows....made my tummy go twirls though...reading caps without spaces is a killer.... *puke*
“The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment.”

- Warren Bennis
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It Works!
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OWWWWWW! my eye's hurt
Got to be good looking coz she's so hard to see !
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Originally Posted by Mythistory
I tried to read it, but all I could hear was duelling banjo's.
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Dont know if anyone cares, but I changed it from caps.... then ran it through word

I f_ _ _ ked up the 1st 1 so I'm doing this bs again. for all you super know it all cartoonist/oops tattoo artist in my best French) how I became a tattoo/body piercer god.
one day I was a heroin/crack head junky looser with not a pot to piss in but I did have a van. which I sold for some dope and a ticket from one crummy little city to another big crappie city that was colder then the crap I just left. I decided to get clean and make a change for the better. I got off the buss and went to a salvation army shelter. I ate 3 meals went to sleep and the next day I went out and got a dead end job. I got some money and moved into a apartment with room mates and I got another dead end job but it was 300 a week so I was able to explore the city and I felt pretty good about it. I was getting in my late 20s and never had a tattoo and one of my room mates got one and it gave me the bug. so I go around looking at shops from the outside, I didn't have a car so looking from a public buss was as good as it was going to get at 2 below freezing outside .I was up north and it was to f-ing cold to go galloping around on my two feet looking into shops. so I see this one shop on 10th st and its right by my house so every day I would go and look around and made good friends with the manager. he was a short little Indian a savvy little f--er. he had been in the fed penn for 6 years he said. and as I got to know him I got to really figure him out. because I'm a little savvy fu--er my self. what it boiled down to is he was a Indian. and it don't matter how much your an Indian when your in the fed penn if u got Indian in you, you have certain little rights. such as prayer time. the law says they (because of there religious rights) says they can have a big ass tp and a big ass smoke house and that they have the right to have certain inks! get it? red and black mostly. so he being the big chief also known as medicine owl gave him rights to keep up with the inks in religious ceremonies. also it made it easy for them to get a little happy drink known as wine home made shoot I think they called it. he was able to take that ink the red and black ink sneak it off and because he was able to draw with oils and water colours he was able to apply that to some skin. some turned out ugly as hell but some!! turned out real good, turned out real good on the fellows that just so happen to have contacts on the out side...say people like the outlaw bikers from the Indianapolis chapter. who just so happen to own a tattoo shop
so he gets out and starts looking up all those contacts he made while in the pin and it just so happen the main man knew. the main main man. and he just so happen to. went out of town and broke his leg at Daytona. so there sat a good tattoo shop ready to go ben sitting there for almost 2 years. they meet up and the little Indian cock sucker being savvy as he was showed the main man all his oil and water paintings. and they looked good. then he made a few calls and the word was out the Indian was straight up and he even herd about some tattoos that he had done in the penn and that they turned out well. so he got the job...cock sucker could not do a good tattoo if his life depended on it but the main man with a broke hip and leg couldn't possibly check every thing so he went with what he had. and what was told to him by men he trusted. he had the shop up and running for about 5 months and
then here I come I had been working there 2 weeks and at the end of the 2 weeks it was time for me to go back to my 300 a week bs job. he done got use to me I was a good seller I could turn a 50 dollar tattoo into a 150 dollar tattoo he liked that. plus I cleaned the shop and did all the tracing work I learned how to make needles one day some body said that they wanted a tongue piercing. at first we had to say no. neither one of us knew how to do that but we herd all the horror stories about it so we said come back Monday we don't have a piercer here yet. he asked me do I want to go for it or should he hire a body piercer. I said how much do I make? he said I (the shop) get the cost (the mark up) of the barbell and you get what ever the cost of the piercing. I said $40 he said deal...oh I said. can I buy the after care and keep the profit on that? sure he said why not. so I ordered 2 DVDs named the hole truth about body piercing. it was a 2 part DVD set one was on regular piercing and the other was on every thing below the belt including men. I didn't care. I was able to keep the profit of the after care and the piercing which we agreed should stay no higher then $50 but when it came to men below the belt I was allowed to charge what ever I wanted. and women were the same until it came to the clit, that really took some time I charged the hell out of that and I behave to find out that some people well....many people felt that if you didn't charge high enough on some things and didn't take long enough they felt like they got robed thinking hell I could have done that or any one could do that, the 'irony" of it is "yes" your right. you can do it she can do it your mother can do it any one can do it but true as it is some things that any one can do I would not do until I have done many many many of all the things that any one can do before I would ever attempt to do it.
so here we were 1 x-convict who was running a tattoo shop that had been on the same street for 10 years and a x-recovering heroin addict posing as a body piercer/tattoo artist. bringing in over $2000.00 a week that was just my cut. our very first victim god bless her wanted her tongue pierced. I was in the back looking over and over the DVD as I all ready had done for 2 days and nights .here he is the confident tattoo shop manager who has this I've done this 1000 times before look on his face. I open the curtain and with one look at his napoleon stance I began to laugh. at 1st it was a murmur ..then it was a giggle his face turned red her tongue sticking out and all of this spit all over the place we began to laugh so hard inside that we had to go out side the back an let it out. what fools we are we said. we went through the motions again like on the video and went back in and he helped me by holding her mouth open wider then it needed to be I grabbed her tongue which slipped out and I got a dry paper towel dried it real good putting dentist cotton swabs in the cheeks to stop the saliva marked the spot and pushed in the needle which gave its own small problems then fallowed through with the barbell. then it took what seemed an hour to get the stupid ball on and when I did I was done we were done she rinsed her mouth out and looked in the mirror I was horrified' to see that it was crooked but not really bad or really even noticeable but to me it was the Pisa tower.
I was so thrilled it was a rich like no other I had ever had and I just knew that even though it was so many good things to me in feeling, I new my days were numbered. I was sure when would come back with her friends and demanding her money back and the whole town and tattoo people were going to know I was a fraud.
2 days latter she did come back laughing and brought here sister and one of her friends and I made good money that day, so from thin on it was all ways something new. and then after 3 years went by I had a portfolio equal to no other. I worked at parties, concerts, bonfires strip clubs keep that story to my self.
so there ya go. the same thing went with tattoos. we opened a shop supplied all the equipment hired 1 or 2 real tattoo artist and paid them well so they would stick around. the hardest thing about finding artist was they were not as experienced as we were like I had been partying with drugs a long time I was over it man done for I just wanted to pay the bills drive a car that wont break down an have insurance and put money away or even have a decent lady friend, I mean they couldn't keep control over there drug use it was all ways a revolving door with artist. finally I decided to go to a local collage and talked to a bunch of artist mostly graphic artist. I would just say hey do you wan to make a 1000.00 or more a week and go to parties and get laid. yes! they would say well come work at our tattoo shop . they were good kids (I say kids they were almost my age) no drugs and they had responsibilities so they made there money went home and showed up for work. most didn't know anything about tattooing an in less then 5 hours they had it down good enough to transfer art from flash to skin. some of the doods really kicked ass and dropped out of school and went on to be well known I cant say names but you have seen I them didn't know a thing bout tattoos but 3 years latter or 4 years latter I could transfer any tattoo from a pile of flash to skin and colour it just as good as any other transferist, I don't call every person that works at a tattoo shop a tattoo artist, no no no. you have men and women who can trace a flash board transfer it over to skin, let it dry, follow the out line, keep the flash close to you where you can see it (unless u have been doing the same flash for 10years and u just know where the colour goes) and boom your done you collect your money. a tattoo artist now is a whole no the story , you know who you are, us transfer copies can only look at you and dream.

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