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Default Just got back from Hospital

My ankle is stupidy swolen....
feel like its a melon!

fucked it skating and now im in so much pain! its trobbing and sore
Crutches for me! Had an x-ray they said it wasnt broke.... but its worse than than that.... torn ligaments and what ever!
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unlucky mate
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Chat Slut
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fuck me skate harder next time
please make ur boobs stop staring at my eyes
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Default Oh dear!

Does that mean we wont be seeing you skate on tv then? Make sure you get plenty of rest.
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Boom Swagger Boom
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Default ouch..

awww poor you ...
hope the pain ease's off quickly
Originally Posted by brooksy View Post
*puts hand up and waves like a loony*!!
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Bad Girlie Chick
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awww yeah get better soon
Four wheels moves the body, Two wheels moves the soul
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Fuckin sorted, looks like a good mate! One to be proud of
You say I need more compassion, I can forgive I just cant forget,
You say I control my temper, But when I feel like shit, I feel like shit!

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Normal for Norfolk
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Maybe now you'll take up a less dangerous hobby like....knitting or stamp collecting hahaha
Hope it gets better soon matey.x
Originally Posted by phil_kyle
Maybe you could use some Phil Kyle toothpaste to brush the bullshit from your mouth.
Q. According to Freud, what comes between fear and sex?
A. Fünf.
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aww, get well soon chappie!

Deviant Art

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That looks nasty - poor bugger! Keep it rested - hope it feels better soon
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