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Default O/T Job Interview Friday

Okay, I put off topic because it's nothing to do with tattoos - but I've got a job interview on Friday! Yay! It's for a position that involves encouraging people to become members of local wildlife organisations/conservation societies - although I don't think there's any selling involved, just doing membership type stuff (I refuse to do sales stuff, had a go once and it was awful!). I think it involves just talking to people and getting them to sign up and become actively involved in local wildlife preservation.
And the best bit is - it pays seven pounds an hour!!!!!
Anyway, got the interview this Friday, at 4:30pm, so wish me luck!
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Sounds like a 'nice' job.... well done. Hope you get it, lots o luck from meee x x x
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Sounds great! You could get local kids/schools involved, try and make a difference. Good luck!
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that job sounds awesome!
good luck!
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Goodluck Magma - you'll be great!
Sounds really lots of fun!
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Hope all goes well Magma,good luck
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good luck, but dont you think you should have a better idea of what the job involves before you go?

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