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Default Bep

Using it for the first time and WOW! Best yet by a mile. Used to use Savlon, then I heard that it could leech the colour out of the tattoo. Then I used some stuff from the tattooist,some sort of nutty smelling cream that when rubbed in smells of peppermint and now Bep
Almost straight away, the heat goes from the tattoo and it just looks as though its fully healed.Pleasantly surprised and I think its something that will get further use.
Do I just put it on as many times a day as I want? Up to now I am applying it about 4 times a day
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When I use it, I begin by using it three or four times a day - a very thin layer only, not thick at all - then, after the first couple of days, reduce that down to twice a day until it's fully healed. Then I moisturise the tattoo every day, twice a day, for about another week or so, then just moisturise once daily, usually after a shower or bath.
It's great stuff, isn't it?

Mind you, there are some people out there who are allergic to it, so be careful to keep an eye on the tattoo for any reactions.
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I apply it only twice a day. I don't know how you folks can find time to apply it 4 times a day, do you wash and apply it while you are at work? Anyway, the tattoo had healed after 4 days. It seems to be a great product thats for sure.
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I'm going to start using it after my next visit to Dave. It has been highly recomended to me by a couple of forumers.
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I used it for the first time on my latest tattoo and will be using it again in about 11 days' time. Really amazing stuff. I think I have a mild allergy to it, though, since when I put it on I get a bit inflamed for about an hour, but it calms down after that.

The ink has healed a treat anyway. Very light scabbing, almost nothing. Absolutely no loss of colour anywhere for the first time in my life (well, in some 16 years of getting tattooed, on and off).
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I use to use Vasline intensive care on my tattoos, but then Busty Cheesecake dragged me to Boots and bought sum Bep.

WOW the stuff is amazing!!!!!!!!! No scabs, no itching!!!
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Default ...

thats right blame me ...

oh hang on its for summat good ...

my bep routine goes a little somethig like this ..

stage 1..day 1~3

first thing in the morning

wash...leave for bout 10 mins
bep sparingly...leave for bout 10 mins
cling film it

about mid morning /dinnertime...fresh cling film

mid afternoon...the whole wash thing

early eve..fresh cling film

before bed ...the whole wash thing

do that for first 3 days...for sure

then play it by ear if i think its needs another day

stage 2(if needed)

then after that ...bep a couple of times a day...usually for just a day or two if that..if i think it needs it...
for instance last lot didn't cos it was just lining n shading

stage 3

then just cocoa butter...several times a day..which eventually eases off to twice a day..(which is my normal thing anyway )

jobs a good un ...and i built up that routine after reading stuff on here....just find what works for you , this works for me

i know one forummer said he only beps and covers at night for first 3 days....that works for him...
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Heard about this bep and cling film thingy too - change the film 3 times a day whilst re applying the bep do it for 3 days. No scabbage and no colour loss.
Not tried it yet but sounds OK if you keep it nice and clean at film changeovers.
Thought it might have just been my mate who had a thing for cling flim !
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I have quite alot of problems with my skin so have found my own way with Bep. I have very dry skin and used to get alot of ecxmea (sp) I also have allergic reactions to many random things. Infact im suprised i can get tattooed at all.

I find that i cant wear clingfilm for long as it makes me itch like a lepper. I take it off as soon as im either home or back to the hotel if at a convention. Somewhere i can wash where its clean anyway.

When i first used bep i tried to use it a couple of times a day but found with my dry skin it just sucks it up and then drys. I find i have to use it three or four times a day to have any affect.

After a couple of days depending on how ive healed i will move on to palmers cocoa butter. Although again with my freaky skin i found that normal cocoa butter didnt soak in and just left a greasy mess. Ive found that the extra strength stuff in the smaller tube works for me. Unfortunalty its more expensive, theres less of it and i use one tube with in the first couple of weeks of getting tattooed.

Dont know if this is useful at all or if anyone has freaky skin like me. By the way you wouldnt know it too look at me. I have a good skin routine going now im not falling apart or anything.
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Bep always heals my tattoos great.... but i sometimes get kinda red itchy spots? Think maybe put too much on?

Edit* So c'mon then Ena..don't be shy. We want pics!!!

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