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Inkinandout 11-02-2014 05:52 PM

Experienced Cosmetic Tattoo & Laser Specialist Seeking Day clinics in Studio's
Hi everyone, I'm looking for studio's to run day clinic for Semi Permanent Make Up, Please contact Me for profit share details.

Extensive portfolio available to view

INK-IN-&-OUT' Cosmetic tattooist has over 5 years experience and is licensed By Bristol & Cardiff & Haverfordwest councils & is fully insured.

I am trained in CPR, METI Simulation & Cross Infection Control - Cardiff & Newport University
I have been published in Skin Deep tattoo magazine, Bizarre Magazine & Teen Spirit Magazine, SKINZ Magazine, Skin shots Magazine, Dollyrox Magazine & Ultra Vixens Magazine & TattooFest Magazine & Elite Online Magazine & More

I have also recently exhibited at the Wales Hair & Beauty Show.

Billion Dollar Brows famous Brow buddy used in all eyebrow treatments.

I have dozens of colour combinations so virtually any shade can be created to complement your own hair colour or skin tone. Each person is different and retains colour differently so if its not perfect it can be lightened or darkened with a follow up touch up a month later

Semi- Permanent Make-up Is Now Generally Referred To As Permanent Makeup. Semi-Permanent Makeup Is Now An Established Beauty Procedure, In Which Carefully Applied Permanent Pigments, Made Of Pure, Inorganic Minerals, Are Placed In The Dermal Layer Of The Skin. It Is Hypo-allergenic, And There Are No Fragrances, Emollients Or Other Ingredients Added.
Your Preferred Colour Is Implanted Into A Lower Layer Of The Skin, Where It Remains For Up To 5 Years. A Virtually Limitless Choice Of Colours Is Available. The Make-up Is Perfectly Safe And Has Been Approved By Doctors And Favourably Reviewed By Many Respected Beauty Writers.

Who Can Benefit From Semi Permanent Make-up?

?Anyone And Everyone Over The Age Of 18 Years (proof Of Age May Be Requested And Followed Up). Who Desires A Natural Enhancement To Give Freedom From The Daily Application Of Make-up?
? Alopecia Sufferers Who Have Lost Some Or All Their Facial Hair Including Eyebrows Or Eyelashes.
?Chemotherapy Patients Who May Lose Facial Hair Would Benefit From Semi-permanent Make-up Before Or After Treatment.
?Vision Impaired People Who Have Difficulty Applying Make-up.
?People With Unsteady Hands Who Cannot Apply Make-up Through Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease Etc.
?Anyone Who May Suffer Allergies With Conventional Make-up.
?Professional Women, Entertainers, Media Figures, Models, Actresses

How the laser tattoo removal & pigment reduction works:
-Why does the ink stay in the skin when you have a tattoo?
When you have a tattoo the particles of ink are too large for the body to destroy, so instead it encapsulates the particles of ink with a network of collagen fibres as the skin heals, and there the tattoo remains.

How does the YAG laser work to remove it?
The laser emits a pulse of light that is preferentially absorbed into certain colours of ink. The light enters the skin at a speed that is too fast to heat the tissues (billionths of a second), instead, it produces a ‘shock wave’ effect and breaks up the ink particles into smaller pieces, the body then recognises these particles as something that shouldn’t be there and attacks it. The particles are then removed naturally via the body’s own elimination system.

Can you treat all colours?
No. Light is measured in nanometres and there are two wavelengths of light that are emitted from this laser -one is invisible infrared light(1064nm) and the other is visible green light(532nm). The infrared wavelength is preferably absorbed into black and dark blue inks, whereas the green light is absorbed by red ink. It is possible to treat some other colours although white, yellow and bright colours are difficult. This is not usually a problem however, as lighter colours cover very easily. If you wish to cover- up an existing tattoo then the darker colours will be faded or removed, allowing you greater choice of size and colour of the cover-up design you choose.

Why is it difficult to treat colours other than red and black?
The light will only see the colour ink it is attracted to as different wavelengths absorb into different things. It is not possible to produce a laser that can see all colours as some wavelengths are too shallow when absorbed to affect the ink, others can absorb into other matter and damage the skin in the process. Another reason is that all ink pigments contain certain levels of heavy metals. Some pigments may have a higher concentration of some of these than others, and these heavy metals can react with the laser light and carbonise in the skin, turning the ink black. It is very difficult to remove the ink when this has happened so, if you have other colours you would like treating, the laser operator will perform a test patch for you to see if it is possible before proceeding.

How much will laser tattoo removal cost?
Laser tattoo costs from 30 Per Session. Initial consultations are free. When you come for your consultation, we will measure your tattoo, carry out a skin assessment, and let you know how much each treatment will cost. INK-IN-&-OUT have the lowest prices locally. Ask about our current special offers.

How many treatments will it take to remove my tattoo?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of this procedure, it is impossible to predict exactly how many treatments it will take for complete results. It could take as little as 3 treatments for an amateur tattoo or as many as 10 treatments for a professionally applied tattoo. How quickly your ink fades will depend on several factors, such as the colours of your tattoo, the type of ink used and how your body responds to the treatment.

How far apart are the treatments?
Your body needs time to break down the tattoo ink pigments after each laser treatment. This is a slow process, therefore you will typically schedule each treatment a minimum of 4-6 weeks apart.

What will my skin look like after each treatment?
Your skin will most likely be red and feel like it has mild sunburn. This typically goes away after a couple of hours. There may also be some bruising. At times and with certain inks, there may be mild blistering that usually heals in about a week. After each treatment you will be given detailed instructions on how to care for your treated area.
Will the laser tattoo removal hurt?

Patients have reported that laser tattoo removal feels like a rubber band snapping quickly on your skin. In order to make each patient as comfortable as possible, we offer anaesthetic (numbing) cream that can be put on the tattoo before each of your treatments. This makes the experience much less painful.
Does tattoo removal leave scars?
The type of laser used leaves virtually no scars, however, in rare cases, those with scarring disorders, such as keloids, have an increased risk of forming a scar.
Who will do my laser tattoo removal?
The laser tattoo removal will be performed by Laura, who is trained to do this type of procedure.
If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact.

Studio3tattoo 12-02-2014 12:37 PM

Hi, would you consider coming to Northamptonshire??

Inkinandout 16-04-2016 09:38 AM

Still looking
I'd prefer around 200-300 miles from my base in Cardiff

Inkinandout 17-04-2016 08:47 AM

New treatments
New treatments added

Inkinandout 18-04-2016 08:56 AM

7 years experience & I train every year internationally
Up to date skills and portfolio

Inkinandout 20-04-2016 09:04 AM

Most areas considered
Contact directly

Inkinandout 21-04-2016 07:58 AM

Add more modifications to your menu
And look at what I can do!

Inkinandout 21-04-2016 08:00 AM

Add more modifications to your menu
And look at what I can do Home - INK-IN-&-OUT

Inkinandout 08-12-2017 07:12 PM

seeking to expand service area
I'm currently covering


TIGERTIGER 09-12-2017 08:35 AM

Cosmetic tatts
Hi I have a very busy studio in Oxford,Oxfordshire where we are looking to expand what we do with cosmetic tattooing. please call me 07900241765 or email me

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