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Default Tattoo apprentice wanted in east london

we need someone who will give their blood, sweat and tears to the industry. nowadays it seems that anybody can walk into this industry and take what they want without learning even the basics, with young artists opening up their own shops and thinking they own the area and disposable tubes destroying the knowledge of the autoclave. we're old school... we know our machines, we make needles, we scrub the deck, we draw the flash, we sacrifice for this lifestyle and so should you...

if you think you have what it takes to be bossed about and have the tears roll down your cheeks as you work your ass off for something that really is the best damn thing in the world and will someday be yours too, then send a message with a link to your drawings...

the work is full time and the work is hard, but from personal experience, we all appreciate every single thing we went through, because now we know it and can progress to better things, and so will you.

without blood being spilled, how could we be brothers.
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Hy im armando i wish is possible take this opportunity .. Im italian guy and i started this work 2 years left and i need to learn more about tattoo ...
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You can show my drowing on my page ..
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Hi Prick studio,
I’m Ahmed and I’d like to put myself forward for the apprenticeship.
Expression of the body has always fascinated me and the intense and varied nature of tattoos has led me to pursue a life in tattooing. I’m always trying to challenge myself creatively and I have the discipline and focus to apply myself to this demanding role without undermining the integrity of the trade. I have the greatest of respect for the high standard of skill, hard work and responsibility involved and I’m fully committed to learning all aspects of the industry in the right way.
I’m under no illusion, this will be HAAAARD but I’m ready to give my pound of flesh and pint of blood to earn the privilege of having the knowledge and experience that you guys have dedicated your lives to.

Please have a look at some of my work in the link and hope you enjoy it.


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Hi, I really appreciated your ad. I'm from turin, Italy, but I'm moving to London. I'd like to share with you my passion for this work, giving you my time and trying to learn as much as possible.
Hope to read about you soon.
here a link with some of my works.
thank you
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Default abrakadabra

Hi there,

I am very new in this business (5/6 months) and I consider myself as a good beginner - I am Belgrade based since 10 months ago, when I left London after 9 years. Anyway, planning to come back any time soon. At the moment I am working as the apprentice in Sindjel Centar Belgrade and also running my small business at home. I could say that I know plenty about the basics that you've been mentioning (sterilization, tuning, drawing...) as these are the thing that I've thought myself first anyway. By the profession I am graduated Industrial Designer and I also have secondary school of art education. Been drawing for a while I believe that the best way to present myself are my works so I am sending you the link bellow:


I hope that you will have time to have a look and I also hope that I may cover your requirements.
I am happy to buy a plane ticket and jump for an interview - if I am lucky
Best regards,
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Default Inq Noir


I am looking to find a tattoo apprentiship in London. I have currently finished a film degree but have decided to go back into art to achieve my dream of becoming a tattoo artist.

Below is a link to my page which contains all my art and photography.

InqNoir | VSCO Grid

Thank you.

Lee Alexander Simon
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I was wondering if you're able to check out my profile and see what you think of my drawings?

I have worked part time in a studio called needlework tattoo in light water and there I learnt how to set up/down the machines, cleanliness of the shop, dealing with all different types of customers. This shop also make their own needles and it is something I would love to learn. I have never tattooed before and have had my first and second hep A & B injections.

This is something I have wanted todo for as long as I can remember, but I have been saving up to be able to fund myself through this as an assistant manager and visual merchandiser, well as constantly adapting my portfolio. Which I have a wide range of work, not all is posted on here however.

Please let me know what you think and if you think I would be suitable for the position.

My email address is laurelannedesign@gmail.com and my instagram is laurelanne_illustrations, if you wanted to have a nose at that as well

Thank you!!!

Laurel Cummins
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hi im italian im gregory started the tattoo one year ago .. i came here for do this job on the best way ... im so motivated and not scared about the hard work .. i want only learn everything about this job ... this is my fb page whit some work ...https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MonkeyTattoo?ref=hl

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Hi my name is Laura ,
I have been sketching since I was little and have agreat love for art . I have been practicing tattooing on pig skin and my friends for about a yr and would love to further my interest and love for tattooing.
I have worked in retail and get on well with people and enjoy socialising.
Can send you some pics by email.
Thanks Laura Amber
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