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raafaye 24-10-2014 03:39 AM

graduated illustrator looking for tattoo apprentiship
hey i just graduated this summer in a degree in illustration at camberwell college of arts and really want to do an apprenticeship in tattooing. Im looking for something in London. Im hard working, dedicated and willing to learn and take direction.

my online portfolio is:

my email address is

havnt got any tattoos, as i donate blood every 2 months and have been doing so for years so reluctant to stop it any time soon, so i dont have the 'look' of a tattooist but i really enjoy drawing and would love to apply my creativity to it.

looking for some one open minded to mentor me thanks

sammy138 24-10-2014 09:20 AM

Stick to have no business tattooing. Especially since you are "reluctant" to get a tattoo. Its people like you who are ruining tattooing!

jxw_crowley 24-10-2014 09:50 AM

That's a bit harsh.

My only comment on your work is that you might need to put together a more specific portfolio to show studios. Artwork that can be translated into a tattoo. It's a good idea to have it all ready in one place.

raafaye 25-10-2014 02:27 AM

some of the best tattoo artists have no tattoos so what you claim is your own opinion.

To some what you claim is complete utter bull shit and just demonstrate you discriminate. people like me ruining tattooing? lol and who said you own tattooing or have any claim to it then any one else. its like me stating to some one drawing and saying its people like you that ruin drawing. its so ridiculous your argument is flawed and just demonstrates no intellect.

Having tattoos does not mean you may be more skilled then some one who dosnt just because i do not fit within a sterotype. :party:

perhaps people like me are trying to bring something new to tattooing instead of imatating or copying a style

sammy138 25-10-2014 04:34 PM

Dude shut up cause you have no idea what you are talking about. Tattooing is not only drawing. If a craft full of history and tradition. Only until recently art school dorks wanted to tattoo. Before tattooers were on the fringes on society! You watch to much tv to think you will get anywhere with your out look! Ive been tattooing 17 years.....and people like you are a dime a dozen!

raafaye 25-10-2014 07:11 PM

thanks for opinion, as for sammy why dont you show your own work before you lay claim to it.

through out history tattooing has developed all over the world but there is no straight path to it and people from a vast array of areas come into tattooing.

im not in the wrong forum once again its just your opinion. im here because this is something im interested in and i dont care what you say or believe im putting myself out there.

absolutely no intellect behind anything you say sammy.

oh and by the way creativity is a huge part of what tattooing is about, disregarding it at your own peril. i dont watch reality tv shows so creating a sterotype and pushing me into it makes you no different to sammy.

being able to draw and create stuff with out imitating is a great stepping stone into tattooing. showing my portfolio demonstrates commitment through my work. your work speaks a lot about you. why dont you share your own portfolio because so far im listening to some one whos talking but has nothing to back it up with.

raafaye 25-10-2014 07:16 PM

the good old days ? thats where you belong back in history. punched in the face huh nice, lol art school dorks? . really can see the limits of your intelligence.

Kewee 26-10-2014 12:00 AM

don't listen to these idiots mate. i ve had a similar issue in the past.
your portfolio shows talent and creativity, and a lack of knowlege or at least interest in tattoo styles. but that is a good thing, because you will get through that anyway once you'll start, but you ll see it in a different way than most people. many kids get apprentices with fake portfolios, built in a month or so, made of stuff that looks like other tattooers work. they maybe awesome in drawing roses and owls, exactly like THAT tattooer do, but try ask them drawing an airplane. studio owners are willing to take on those people rather than you because, let me tell you mate... most of them have not an artist mind, they cant see the talent. they are only amazed by the most eye catching stuff. they dont understand that a pencil portrait of amy winehouse is not on your porfolio just because you DONT WANT it to be in it. they will think you re unable to do it. and thats another truth about tattoo industry: its ruled by fashion. you will see portrait and old school specialists with zero creativity making three times the money that you will make. they will let you believe that portraiture is the hardest thing to do.
i think youre talented and i bet you will find a shop that will notice it. by chance it will be owned by talentless people, but they will love you and keep complimenting about you progress.
as you see, these people's comments reflect this industry... small minded people, ready to judge someone just because he doesnt have tattoos (see Boris Tattoo) and than complaining who does the opposite... especially when you do it for such a good cause... afraid to compete with fresher artists... they dont understand that a simple "interest" and not an "obsession" is still enough to fall in love with this job. is this the people you want to learn from?
trust me, an apprenticeship is not indispensable. you can learn how to understand a tattoo machine and needles from youtube, or join a tattoo course that will give you all the informations about hygene. you will fuck up a few tattoos at first, thats why i advice you to do only small and cheap stuff at the beginning. all the rest, the technique i mean, will come out naturally. what is more important is to keep your tattoo bedroom as clean as a nursery. there is a few good shops where it would be nice to apprentice, where it couldd really make a difference but... good luck with it.
buy a lot of tattoo magazines, follow tattoo pages, follow tattoo artists on instagram... that will be part of your self apprenticeship.
i promise in no more than two years you will have a good clientele, and many shops would want to have you, giving you more clients, and none of them will care you started at home.

Kewee 26-10-2014 12:10 AM

in fact, you made me wanna get a ice cream truck tattooed. not a random one, but one of yours. remember this, maybe the day you ll be famous you ll give me a discount

raafaye 29-10-2014 09:25 AM

thank you for your feed back its really useful and makes so much sense.thanks for taking the time to write something its very constructive and i really appreciate it. haha id love that. have a great day

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