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  1. ickle pob
    04-07-2008 01:23 AM - permalink
    ickle pob
    our's are only baby FM12 cab's, and at Hayock we run a white fleet. I just dragged the pic off the net.
    Boredom is slowly setting in with my sicktime off work, so i'm spending more of the daytime perusing the net just looking at shite. It comes to something when you google your workplace !!

    Don't work too hard

  2. brooksy
    03-07-2008 11:42 PM - permalink
    Nice avatar dude!!!
  3. brooksy
    15-06-2008 01:58 PM - permalink
    Thats cool fella...............but only when it is Pim-o'clock!!
  4. ickle pob
    14-06-2008 08:55 PM - permalink
    ickle pob
    i'll get you a drink - a pint of pims !!
  5. brooksy
    14-06-2008 07:44 PM - permalink
    They are all nutters!! Hahahaha!! But nice nutters (just incase they read this)!!

    Me and my better half will be at Llandudno, so you can buy me a beer!!
  6. ickle pob
    14-06-2008 05:31 PM - permalink
    ickle pob
    people seem to be a little cagey, but i guess that with many folk passing through the forum there is many that may not stay round too long ( the Miami Ink watchers looking for Ami or Kat !! ) , but people are getting friendlier now i have shown my arm, and been to a few conventions.
    I met Katriona, Shades of Red, Sly and 1 or 2 others off here at Liverpool. Kat is a mental !! but couldn't be nicer.

    Hopefully catch up with a few more at LLandudno

  7. brooksy
    14-06-2008 04:29 PM - permalink
    Hahaha!!! It truly is a stunning tattoo dude and you should be real proud of it!! I am maybe a little jealous!!
    Most of the folk on here are spot on, and it is, generally a good laugh!!
  8. ickle pob
    14-06-2008 10:21 AM - permalink
    ickle pob
    haha, don't worry, i'm kind of sussing out who's a good laugh and who isn't on here. Since it's first public unveiling, everyone has been quite posative about it, so i knew it was just blatant jelousy on your part !!!

    take care

  9. brooksy
    13-06-2008 11:37 PM - permalink
    Now then big boy!! I hope you didnt take my comment about your sleeve personaly yesterday, I was just jesting!!
    I realy do love your tattoo, and as you know I love Bio!!

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