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Default Kosovo Studio (FAO - NEIL)

top article in the new SD about the guy in Kosovo doing a great job of not only tattooing the locals but also the Peacekeeping soldiers too - mentioned that a few foreign customers had promised him magazines but none had arrived...........Well, i have loads of old mags SD / ITA / T-LIFE etc that i'd be glad to post onto him, have you got the studio's address (if it hasn't been bombed out that is )

a good read for those who haven't read it already, certainly doesn't seem such an enviable trade in his neck of the woods.
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Thanks for the compliments. I'll get in touch with the contributor and try to get the guy's address.
And we think we've got a hard lives sometimes!
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what a guy having to deal with all that, but not once did he say im giving up my tattooing, put his families lifes on the line to do what he loves, this is more than anyone i know has ever done for there love of tattooing.
i have that much respect for NAKI that i would like to send him one of my machines as a good will guesture for the new year comming.
i know it cant be easy for him, what with getting supplies and stuff, the guy wasnt even wearing gloves, so im sure someone on hear could sling in some gloves for naki.
so when you do get his address please pm it to me neil so i can forward it to him or even by a collection that is sent to SD and forwarded from there.
i know charity begins at home and all that, i dont normally give to charity, as i believe it is upto the goverments of all countries to help there own. but this time i feel it is the right thing to do.
Naki has got to be one hell of a guy.

think about it guys and gals, naki isnt asking for hand outs, he might not even want them, but think what it will do for him and his family, not thousands of people just him and his family. as mentioned in the article it cost alot of money in his country to have a tattoo, peeps will drive miles and hours to see him for his work. we all have something we can give to him to help him with his craft, like i say i dont like to dig deep for charity but this isnt to me.
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the dude has had it bad...but he did say he was making a shit load so I don`t think it`s fair to make a charity case out of him.I think he meant it was difficult to get things delivered not couldn`t aford it.
on another forum there was a guy from Korea who was Tattooing even tho it is illegal in that country,the guy could get years for doing something he loves,would you risk going to a korean jail?
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