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Default Tattoos in the work place

what would you do? where i work its non customer facing ,on the days when customers do visit the office we are told a couple days in advance, so we can wear our company shirts, mine is long sleeved so there is no problem. I have no contract with my employer that says anything about work clothing or tattoos, as the warm weather is coming up i am wondering what to do. Am i in the wrong to just turn up at work in shorter sleeve shirts with my tattoos showing, (i usually dress quite smart for work ( as i have not been told otherwise. what would you do ?

what do other people have to do at work regarding tattoos on show etc ?

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I'd just turn up with 'em on show, personally. If you've been there a while and you do your job well, the worst that they are likely to do is tell you to cover up in future, isn't it?

Or if you feel they really will look for any excuse to get rid of people, maybe bring it up first with your boss. But then you need to be prepared for the possibility of them saying no...
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Just turn up in 3/4 sleeves first then to the elbow then capped sleeves then a vest and see how long it takes them to object.

Are they aware of your tattoos? Has any comment been made at all?
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I'm quite lucky, I find the media industry to be pretty relaxed. I work in jeans, trainers, a shirt and my hand and neck tattoos have never cause a problem, not even at corporate events.

I'd be fairly sure I'm in the minority for those of us who work in an office environment.
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our place has a strict dress code for employees.......tattoos on show.....o sorry we work in a tattoo studio.
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I work in the airline industry, Im mostly 'out the back' with the aircraft and not always dealing with customers so i never have any problems.

There was an occasion when i first started when one of the managers gave me a hint they weren’t really happy by saying "your tattoo is sticking out" (i always roll my long sleeve shirts sometimes exposing just the very end of the tattoo on my left arm) I simply said, "oh, so it is" smiled and walk off. A bit cheeky but they never said anything again lol

I think if there is a tattoo policy written into your contract and you’ve signed it you have to respect your employer but I do think there should be some allowances for the 3 days a year we actually get hotter weather!
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lol @ Pert!

at my previous work place, you strictly could not have any on show, not even on dress down days. It was a government organisation mind, but no public around.

Thankfully I've left there now and the only person who can object now is me cos I work for myself lol!
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Im a sales manager so have to keep covered, drivers etc can show their 1970's scratchings to who they like but as i represent the corporate face of the company I have to match the image.
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I work for Fat Face in their head office and thank god I do as they are so relaxed it is unbelievable - I can wear whatever I want and tattoos are not an issue.

Before this I worked for IBM where any sign of my tattoos would have ended up in a disciplinary NICE!
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Hey, Im new. Quite why I didnt join before I dont know!

Im lucky that I work somewhere that doesnt care at all about my tattoos or piercings. Most people I work with are happy to admire them and/or ask questions. I decided long ago that I wont cover up my work for ANY job.

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