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Default Exercise after tattoo


Does anyone have any advise on going back to the gym after getting a tattoo? Obviously It's best to leave It a few days to settle down before anything to strenuous, but Is there a particular time limit where It'd be OK to resume weight and cardio training

I did search through the forum but couldn't find too much info on this and google seemed to have conflicting views

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I went back two days later... it hurt. so best off leaving til its healed or least at shiney stage
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I left off mine for about a week. Just because like Kimmy says, it hurts! Generally when my tattoos are healing I avoid moving around as much as possible haha.
Give your body a rest for a week and let it focus on healing the tattoo I guess.
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I was back in the dojo the next day after a six hour session, thats quite par for the course with me, plenty of bepanthen and Im ready to go
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Sixshty 5
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I got a little one on my upper thigh and next day went to spinning class-ouchy! It didn't ruin the tattoo, just prolonged the redness and soreness. Bunk off the gym for a few days at least!
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Default mmmm.....an alternative

i find that if i leave it for 24 hours then go to the bar for a couple of days it works well for me..........................
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Depends on the type of training etc. eg if you're using machines then I would say that the biggest risk is cross contamination from the person using it before could be a problem, but obviously depends on where you have been tattooed. General advise I give is to leave it for approx a week before going back into it.
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I had some new work on shoulders chest and back, started it back in March and it was all finished by mid April this year.

I didn't want to miss out on too much training, I run 4 days a week and train kick boxing twice a week.
I was very nervous about going out and getting hot and sweaty and then taking lots of showers, but after 2 days of resting from each sitting and making sure each piece was covered by BEP I was literally off and running.

The pain was nothing but the itching drove me mental, however during the kick boxing one of my sparring opponents grabbed my skin on both shoulders and i had horrible visions of my body looking like one of those kebab meat slabs.

So really do what you feel comfortable at doing and when you have a shower just gently pat the tattoo with a clean towel and then let dry (not in direct sunshine) reapply BEP and thats it.
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I went to the gym about 2 days after, also went surfing 2 days after (my suit usually remains fairly dry on the inside)

My tattoos are still very bright
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It's mostly about common sense. I do pretty much no cardio but I always leave it a week until working the particular area I've been tattood.

For instance, 10 days ago I had some work done on my sleeve mostly on my upper arm and inner elbow, so I worked my back/legs/chest/shoulders for a week, and then got back onto my biceps/tris a couple of days ago.
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