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Fuck the egomaniac, at the end of the day its your body. You done the right thing.
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Originally Posted by JustDave View Post
It has seriously put me off having any work done by this artist.
Sounds like he cut you off because his idea and what you actually want are two different things.
What kind of design were you planning ? Sometimes the design dictates the size and the placement of a piece.
If I think that someone may go for the sleeve eventually then I suggest that they leave the design "open ended" so it can be added to at a later date, if they wish to do so.
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Thanks for all the replies folks, it is much appreciated and has given me some food for thought.

Fortunately the work colleague who recommended the artist is also his close friend, so he is going to try to find out what the issue was, although I have, in retrospect, had some suspiscions.

Thanks again.

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Maybe you just thought there was an atmosphere and really there wasn't or maybe he was hoping to get more work out of you and so more money and when you said you didn't want a sleeve or visible tattoos he couldn't be arsed?

I always go with its just me being over sensitive when I detect a change in attitude with anyone , 9 times out of 10 its me reading stuff into something that isn't there.
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ive met a fair few tattooists who regardless of how good they are jus think they are so much better (than they are).

theres good and bad (character traits) in all walks off life, tattooing is no different, especially with something as creative as art you do tend to get some people who are completely up their own arse.

but then jus when you are about to give up hope you will meet an artist who is jus awesome, whom you jus click with, he/she actually appears to be inspired by your designs/ideas and you will feel honoured to have them tattoo you.

this is my experience anyway.
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