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Default Can I be Tattooed while on antibiotics?

Can I be tattooed while on antibiotics, or is it best to wait until the end of my course?

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As far as I know it's only drugs that cause blood thinning such as Warfarin that cause a problem when being tattooed,due to excess bleeding.
But I'm sure one of the artists or more knowledgeable members will be along soon enough with the definitive answer for you.
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I'd recommend you wait because if your body is already fighting in infection, you don't really want to put your body's immune system under any more pressure that is necessary. You'll be trying to heal two things at once.

Get healthy then get it done.
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Dont know about antibiotics but I am on very heavy painkillers due to a back problem and got tattooed on those (but then again I cannot go without them).

I think what WendyT said is the correct thing to do. You do not want to 'overload' your body with things to concentrate on healing. Wait until you are better.
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