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Default Anyone recognise this piece?

I save a lot of images from the internet into my 'Tattoo' folder and I try my best to label or name according to the artist. I am considering a traditional/ woodcut / vintage illustrative style of tattoo and yesterday I happened across this image which sums up the style very well.

Unfortunately I do not have information for it. Does anyone know the artist or any other pics of this tatt? I would love to see more images of it and track down the artist.

Also, I am obviously considering Xam and Duncan for this tattoo, although I have a couple of other ideas I would like them to look at and consider. However, for *this* particular piece I would LOVE to get over to NY for Juan Puente, who did this lovely work that many of you will be familiar with already:

Does anyone of any other good examples of this style? I really like the work of Daniel Santoro, but really want the almost graphic novel style of the tatts above. I like the heavy blackness of the first tatt I posted, which is slightly different to the colourfulness of classic old-school or the fine line work of some of Valerie's really excellent grey/black tattoos.

I would appreciate your expertise in helping me with this, as Juan did not come over for any conventions in the summer last year, and does not appear to have any immediate plans to come over this year.
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Rudy Fritsch

He does UK conventions, normally London.
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If you like the woodblock style I'd recommend taking a butchers at Chris Bourke's stuff - he's not tattooing anymore to my knowledge, but he does a lot of tattoo inspired lino/vinyl printing;


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cheers simon i was trying to remember who that was a while back.
chris did a limited edition frame for my fave bike brand mountaincycle..p.s i dont ride this one i got a matt black fury \m/
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Ink Minx - Thanks a lot for the Rudy Fritsch reference, his website is incredible. I have seen a couple of his pieces on here before, but there is even better work on his site. I've emailed him as I can't imagine I will make it out to Italy any time soon.
Simonightmare - Thanks a lot for that link - those lino prints are wonderful and remind me somewhat of the (slightly cruder) Billy Childish woodcuts that I am very fond of.

I have emailed Juan Puente and he *may* be coming over in the summer. Fingers crossed.
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Never realised prints could translate into tattoos so well. Billy Childish has done some really nice prints alright.
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Woody at Into You Brighton.
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