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yeah....what ronnie said is true....do your job you cunts.!!
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I agree like, the police rarely seem to think that doing anything will help! As far as I know, tattooing is still a form of GBH, and is only legal when you give your permission to the person doing it- someone under 18 can't legally make that decision, so why aren't police doing anything about it?

When it comes to idiots buying machines and tattooing their equally stupid friends, I usually have no sympathy for them, but when it comes to kids, it just makes me angry someone would do that. Most of them don't don't realise and/or are pretty impressionable, it's not fair.
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Originally Posted by calamityshell View Post
Oh god!! My day yesterday consisted of dealing with the backlash from this kind of crap. I work in safeguarding and was bought into a secondary school where a 15 year old boy had bought a kit from a 'studio' (this is pissing me off as I am writing it) and tattoo'd his 13 year old girlfriend. She is now left with her name down the whole inside of her left arm in big black block mess using 2/3 inch letters and he didn't spell her name right. This girl has been mutilated!

The madness is even worse as when I spoke to his parents they could not give a shit and said he was following his dream. I know I work in safeguarding but I seriously wanted to knock bow bells out of them . I have got the police involved and they are going to the shop that sold the kit and I wanted them to look into the idea of prosecution on child abuse charges but the cops involved reckon the CPS won't go for it.

We will have to see what today brings about this mess.
Are you not worried about breaching confidentiality by posting on here?
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Originally Posted by The Mad Russian View Post
Are you not worried about breaching confidentiality by posting on here?
Nope. Its not a breach of confidentiality if you don't use the YP's names.
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Like Gothika said - there is nothing identifiable about the young people involved, school name or addresses. I love my job far too much to risk that. Great for the concern though.
This has escalated way past my role to the higher echelons due to the police not really doing anything (so far)about it and the girls parents actually giving a crap and pushing for some kind of action.
Good thing is that two futher students have bought in their kits and handed them in at school as they have been pretty scared by what has happened so far.
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Fair play, sounds like your in a position to make a difference.
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I thought this was something only happening in Hull! Sounds like a disease that's spreading . . . . I already feel sorry for the 16 year old with his girlfriend's name scratched into his neck and being excluded from school for it.
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the police won't do anything for the simple reason they won't make any money from it! all they seem to be interested in is making money!
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