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Chat Virgin
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Default 3D Tattoo Black/white Ripped Out Heart


Im not new to the world of tattooing, but I am looking for an artist that would be able to help me design (and eventually do the tattoo) of a cracked ribcage , and the heart has been ripped out so blood oozing out of the wound and flayed skin and what not, very detailed, black gray and white and also have a 3D-like effect.

Does anyone know someone in london, UK that could do that?

Much Appreciated
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Sorry cant help you but just wanted to say that it sounds like a cool idea. I too would be interested if there is anyone that can pull this off as I too will be soon looking for someone to do a 3D effect for me
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There's a guy called Meehow at No Regrets in Cheltenham that does brilliant B&G work.

Or Myth at Indigo Tattoo Northwich

David Corden @ Ritual Art Tattoo in Medway, Kent

Gary Weidenhof at Inkredible Kreations in Perth

Roy Priestley @ Skinshockz in Bradford

And remember even if artists are not based in the Uk they do come over for guest spots or conventions so keep your options open.
Pavel Angel and Victor Portugal would be awesome choices if you don't mind waiting til they appear in the UK or Europe
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Chat Virgin
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Sounds cool here is a sketch i did a wile back http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...00000181705210
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