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Default Skin types and aftercare

Seems to me that there are a lot of people who have a varied systems for aftercare. Some dry heal, some use Bepanthen, some wash with soap, some don't. So it appears to me that we are using different styles to suit our skin types.

After reading a thread where a guy was getting spots (like teenage acne) I wonder if this is due to his skin not being cleaned properly or too much 'ointment' being applied and therefore not allowing the skin to breathe. Could it be a reaction to the actual tattooing process?
From my (limited) experience of my tattoo on my back, I used to get the odd pimple now and again, the hard to reach one that comes from nowhere. But since being tattooed I have not had a single one. Maybe I am putting it down to taking more care to clean my back over the tattooed area. It is hard to reach and I have almost dislocated my arm in the process of aftercare and cleaning my back (if my wife was here she would do it for me)
I only used Bepanthen as recommended by my tattoo artist and wrapped with cling film, then after 4 hours (at work) cleaned with baby wipes, re-applied Bep' and wrapped again. I left to air at night. I did this for 4 days. I always used the baby wipes as they remove the Bep' easily and clean you up really well, plus I had a big supply as my little baby son was with me. I would let it air and re-apply. When I was not at work and about the apartment I would just Bep' not cover. After the 4 days I used Vaseline Intensive Care lotion.
I think my skin type would be described as oily, specially on my back so I always cleaned up with great care and I healed quickly.

So I guess the question to you guys who have been getting tattoos for a long time, do you ever consider your skin type when you think of aftercare? Have you ever found like I have that a tattoo have 'improved your skin? (not in an artistic way- tattoo I mean)
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