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Chat Virgin
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Default Advice on finding an Artist/design process

Hi Guys,

I have a small black tattoo i got a few years ago but i had exactly what i wanted in my head and had it done as a walk in so never went through the process of having it drawn up etc.

I chose the studio where i had this done on the fact that the owner had written/advised the gov on health/sanitary issues in studios in London and as the design was so simple was happy to go with them. im very happy with the result its not very adventurous or exciting but its very personal and exactly what i wanted.

I now want a bigger colour piece (some poppys with a winston churchill quote) and although i know what i want the design to contain i cant quite get an image of the whole thing in my head.

I basically want some advice on the process of finding a decent artist (i live in Nottingham now but happy to travel anywhere really) and on the process of drawing up designs etc. I only know two people who have had tattoos in Notts one was by a friend which i don't really agree with i would like a proper studio and the other i wasn't greatly impressed/moved by.

This is just the first of a few i have in my head so would love to find someone i can keep going back to.

Thanks in advance


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Chatter Box
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My 2p

Google and Facebook are your friends

There's no substitute for a bit of research.

Have a look at a load of artists on Instagram....join FB groups such as UK TopTattoo Artists

Look at Peters Brag Art List

Find a style you like and then investigate further.

A decent artist will be able to draw something up based on your ideas. Be prepared to join a waiting list once you've selected your artist.
Don't go with an artist just because they're the closest or the cheapest.
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i'd say Peters list is the best place to start http://goo.gl/maps/wrjKZ find an artist you like and send them an email with your ideas, maybe even a little sketch of what your after then just go from there

the main this is finding the right artist for you, once you have that everything else will fall into place
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Chat Virgin
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If you live Notts, check out Rampant Ink in Netherfield. I've got several from them including one drawn by a friend that I took around about 8 shops in various towns who refused to do it / said it'd have to be A4 size due to complexity (circutry design).
Rampant sat down with me, redesigned it slightly to make it work and I love it.
And they designed my third one from them completely based on an idea and some photos (a Larkspur flower with my sons DOB in)
They'll see you right
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Chat Virgin
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Thanks guys I will have a look at the lists and the place recommended in netherfield, unfortunately I am completely artistically challenged and struggle to draw stick men so doubt I'd even be able to do a rough sketch!

I don't mind waiting for the right person to do it, I don't want it rushed as i guarantee it would end up being regretted!

I've been googling quite a lot and having a look at portfolios etc and think I have a small short list now so hopefully I can build on that! Just need to nail down the design now, hopefully I can get if from my head and into a piece of paper!
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My honest opinion Rachel, concentrate more on the artist you choose and less on the deign itself, picking a top notch artist, walking in and asking for exactly what you mentioned (the quote and the poppies) will get you a top notch tattoo, choosing a mediocre artist and having your design fully thought out and drawn to perfection will get you a mediocre tattoo...

I have little to no artistic skills, I speak to my artists with a basic idea and direction, they normally improve on that tenfold, have other suggestions, and basically inflict their awesomeness on me, and that's half the fun!

Good luck, and let us know which artist you choose
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Chat Virgin
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Thanks I think that's what I'm going to do, I know my strengths and they are defo not artistic so better of leaving it to the pros!

It's been in my head for a few years ( lots of family connections to ww1 and ww2 etc) so it will be lovely to see it actually down on paper and then skin
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