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Default First tattoo, many questions

Hey all

Yet to be tattooed (19 years old, male)

Significant family member passed early this year and I want to get something done, I know what I want exactly but can't find it online anywhere (closes is attached but not really what I want)

It's a koi tattoo, which I want only in black and very simple (almost outline with scales), but still recognized as a koi fish, anyone have any links or photos of this type of design fish

Also another question, seeing as it is my first tattoo, I would love and am basically 100% on the idea of getting it wrapped around the inside of my ankle (quite small, basically top of ankle to middle of foot), I've seen various people warning against this, especially since this will be my first tattoo, is it manageable?

Thanks all, I have a million questions as I want it to be perfect, hopefully this is a start

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I honestly think you should forget about design and 100% focus on finding a amazing artist you want to work on you ! If your new to tattooing I'd recommend delaying the tattoo for a while ! Really do your homework about what amazing tattoo work looks like , a koi from a bad tattooist can look disgusting !

Placement seems a bit odd , and I think will look a bit feminine

I believe that a koi represents " change " in Asian culture , but if you ask me .... You should get a tattoo cause you really really want to not for any other reason
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This is the size I'd be going for
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