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Hmm. I would probably still dab on a thin layer of bepanthen, it'll at least sooth it a bit when you are bending your wrist etc. Might even be worth a very loose cover of something, to help keep infection out and to protect the scabbing?
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Do not over moisturize it at this point. The best thing to do is keep it as dry as possible and let the scab dry and fall off on its own.
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thanks guys- its hard w a lot of different opinions. never had any color ink before no...all mine are black. i think i will keep it mostly dry ... lil ointment maybe 1 a day to give it a lil bend...no infection so far thank god.. probably wont give this guy an opportunity to fix it. thanks for the help!!!
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That sucks! What product did the artist advise you to use to keep it moisturised? Bep is the best for sure! You mentioned baby oil?
From the looks of the photo I had a similar looking reaction to a tattoo on the inside of my ankle last year. After speaking to the artist (Alex Bage) he said sometimes people can react to red inks more than others but that is usually due to the use of nickel in them. Check what inks your tattooist used and see if you might have reacted slightly? If it's a reaction I'd get to the docs to help healing it before infection occurs.
Luckily mine wasn't a reaction, as Alex didn't use nickel based inks himself so had to come to the conclusion that having a tattoo in that area then walking about a convention for hours wasn't exactly the best aftercare! Totally my bad on that occasion but i feel for you, it hurt like hell, remember do not pick it!
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Nasty, It looks infected to me, I would get it looked at by a GP as you may need antibiotics.

If its not infected then at least its one less thing to worry about.

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visit the gp now and then i would consider a try with red ink on a total different part of the body (just a dot!) as i feel you may be allergic to it. Do a test to make sure and then see what make of ink it was. GP first tho to get this sorted, i cant believe this isnt infected.
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hello everyone , help needed , new tat , scabbing , tatto gone wrong

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