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Default Tattoos of celebrities - would you get one?

As expected the Robin Williams tribute tattoos are rolling in on instagra
m. Would you get a tattoo of a celebrity, why or why not?
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I'd like one but i don't know how a portrait would work when all my others tattoos are traditional
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Personally I wouldn't even get my own mothers portrait tattooed on me, its just not my thing specially someone famous. They are no different to me than me or you. I really do not get starstruck or would ever want a portrait of anyone famous lol

I am not saying it is a bad thing, its just not for me.

Although saying that I did get a Jesus one didn't I lol? Does that count lol?
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Have thought about tattoos of my 'heroes', Bill Hicks and Tony Benn, on the back of my calves, black and grey by someone like Joe Ellis.
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Julius Caesar counts as a celeb right? well he definately does if people think White Dee is a celeb!
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I've been so tempted before but I dunno, I often imagine how the actual person would react if you showed them the tattoo.

I imagine some would be flattered, some would probably think it was on the edge of stalkerish.
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I would and have my Alan partridge portrait makes me laugh every time

Mind you I suppose it's only a fictional character no different to having a random face tattooed on you.
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is batman a celebrity?
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the only faces I would ever get on me is my mothers or fathers,i think of it as would this person get my face tattooed on them, if the answer is no then I wouldn't.
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If I had to get a face of someone I would get Bruce Springsteen when he was younger because he's just so cool looking! I don't know if I'd ever get a face tat though. If I did it'd probably be Lea Nahon style and I think she makes her people up herself any how.
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