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Cool Opinions on each of these tattoos?

I need peoples opinion on each of these tattoo designs. I know I like them, I just want to hear some opinions, that's all. Im a tattoo virgin by the way, (still got to wait a few more years) But in the meantime, why not plan ahead? (:
I have about 8-10 designs in mind, the links to the images are below. Thanks!










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I think you need to Do a SHIT TON more research, as you obviously have no clue what an actual good tattoo is. Coming here is a great start and planning a head is great. Exactly why all of the above are aweful except maybe the skull done by a great artist.
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These are all boring as hell, very little imagination. Topshop tattoos almost, that little black birds one I've seen a million times before and the whole sentence or paragraph in script bores me to tears.
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1. not a tattoo
2. awful
3. boring
4. what?
5. I don't even
6. doodle from a pre-teen's notebook
7. people will laugh at you
8. will always look drawn on
9. why?
10. I used to draw those on my wrist too, when I was twelve.
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Those are all a bit rubbish

Hang about on here a bit and see what the users have and what artists are being discussed

That will give you a far better idea of what's good than a Google image search
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i'm not an expert at tattoos and only have 1 so far. so i really can't judge most tattoo ideas...
but pretty much all of these look really unoriginal. from what i hear, text tattoos just don't work well on skin. so i wouldn't get a block of it.
if i had a nickel for everytime i saw one of those black bird tattoos...i'd have a lot of nickels.

the only ones that interest me a little are the skull and roses designs. maybe a little cliche but also semi bad-ass, right? i don't think you should go with those particular pictures but have your artist draw you something.

and you would think a "writer" would come up with something more interesting to say than writer. lol

the main problem is that all of these seem generic with little personal meaning.
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Like has been said, all are silly, childish and done to death. Only number 3 has any legs if done by a great artist.

I think you need to grow up, think long and hard about marking your body for life. But starting here on this website will give you a true reflection on what can be achieved if you choose well.

There is no rush to get tattooed.

Also remember that even though it shouldn't be the case, you will be judged by visible tattoos so choose wisely what you have and where you have them before you choose your career path in life.
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I agree with what everyone above has said, done to death!

Maybe #3 with a gaping mouth and a murder of crows flying out if you need to have them in there...
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Here is my advice.. Take your time, do lots of research, pick something you want to live with forever and be proud of, and don't cheap out.. Pick a good reputable artist! (You said it yourself you still have a few years to go.. So that will give you time to come up with something great!)
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