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Default Sternum tattoo

Hi guys....my 1st post!

I really want a sternum piece for my next tattoo. Was just wondering how they heal, obviously I know everyone is different. But with the skin being fairly thin in that area did you get any bleeding of ink etc? Also any ladies have a pregnancy post sternum tattoo? Did the stretching ruin your tattoo?? TIA
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I'm a dude so can't help with the lady part of your question but...

When I had my sternum tattooed it hurt like a bitch (sorry), left me a bruise the size of a dinner plate (also sorry) but healed just fine! Bit sore for a couple of days and had to try and keep my seatbelt off it when driving and stuff but it didn't seem to take any longer than my other ones to heal!
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My sternum healed really well. Very sore as James said, but no issues otherwise.
Can't answer the pregnancy thing.
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I don't have a sternum tattoo but i have been pregnant twice. The skin does stretch a little there as your ribcage expands but should go back to normal afterwards. It's the skin under your naval that might take a battering with pregnancy (and even then, not for every woman - some people have more elastic skin than others)
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My sternum healed nicely. I didn't experience bruising, but the sternum is a painful spot to get tattoo'd

Pics if you get it done
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Thanks guys! x
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