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Default foot tattoo swelling - 1 year later

hoping for some advice or help on this:
i was getting work done to my food last summer, did about 3 sessions 4-6 weeks apart each, about 3 hours each session. work was on my foot which was previously tattooed and ankle, kind of working on the old stuff / covering some up. after the first 2 sessions i would have the normal amount of swelling but kept it elevated, took care of it and it went down. but after the 3rd session the swelling stopped going down. i stopped work on it of course. the artist said there was no way it was from the work, but doctors have found nothing wrong with my circulation or injury. now - 1 year later, the foot is still swollen about 1/3 of the time. it's worse if i am standing for long periods or if i've been drinking and am dehydrated.
has anyone ever heard of this happening before? i would love to finish the tattoo but can't until i fix the problem.
thanks so much!
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Sounds odd. Maybe you're allergic to the ink?
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I have never heard of this before. Have you tried seeking advice from other tattoo artists?
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Allergies can develop at any time so it's possible you've developed one. I've heard of irritated skin where there are lots of ink though (like heavy cover-ups). Steroid injections and lasering can lessen this if it is the case (worst case scenario but at least there is a solution). I would see your gp and get referred to a dermatologist.
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Thanks for the advice guys, just wanted to see if anyone had experienced this before. i've had everything from MRIs to CT scans and blood work done to try to figure it out. it's a heavy cover-up so i guess it could be an allergy. i may try to see an acupuncturist just because i'm out of other options, but i'll definitely talk to another artist as well.

thanks again for the advice!
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for reference, attempting to attach picture of swollen and half finished foot next to normal foot.
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