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Chat Virgin
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Unhappy I still dont know wether i was my tattoo in colour or black and grey! advice?

I have 4 small tattoos but in just over a month im booked in to have my first big tattoo!
its going to be a realistic tiger on the front of my thigh.
now my tattoo artist is amazing in both colour and black and grey and hes done both for tiger tattoos and they both ended up looking so realistic and detailed.
my main concern is the pain. ive never had colour so i dont know if ill be able to handle it or not. he said i can decide on the day but i dont want to ask him to do the outline and everything and then 5 minutes into colour and shading end up tapping out! i just dont want to waste both of our times really.
i really had my heart set on having colour until a few days ago when i had a tattoo on my ribs and discovered its called the pass out area for a reason! i know that they are in completely different places and its said that the thigh is one of the least painful place to get a tattoo but its really set me back and got me unbelievably nervous so now all im doing is changing my mind from colour to black and grey constantly!
any help guys?

Edit: i found a picture of a girl who has the exact same tiger tattood on her thigh in B&G too so now i can see how it looks i just dont know what it would look like in colour



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Front of thigh is easy. My advice is get whatever you like best, don't let the pain dictate your decision.
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Originally Posted by inkcollector80 View Post
Front of thigh is easy. My advice is get whatever you like best, don't let the pain dictate your decision.
this. i hate pain and i have over 250 hours of tattoo time. think of the bigger picture and you will be fine.
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Is it really that much more painful to have colour rather than B&G? (I've only had colour so nothing to compare)
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Chatter Box
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I couldn't decide with my Hannya tattoo. Ended up going for black & grey with some blossom in colour (to be done next sitting).
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There's no real difference in application and pain factor between black and grey and colour. Both methods use a shader needle, just different colours of ink. Solid black hurts most of all.
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Chat Slut
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I've only ever had small amounts of colour but I agree there isn't any real difference in feeling as it's all applied the same way isn't it?

Your tattoo is on you forever, choose whichever you prefer. It's not a painful place to be tattooed. Who is tattooing it for you?
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Chat Virgin
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Yeah i heard aswell that because the bunch of needles are applied on a bigger surface area some people actually find it less painful.
and his name is leon from "black craft" its a tattoo shop in wakefield
heres some of his stuff if the link works
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I find contouring much, much, much more painful, than coloring/filling and I heal contoures harder.
It would be the same pain wise, so pick whatever you prefer, that's what matters
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black and grey , colour , first big tattoo , send help

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