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Wow love it! It should look epic once finished. And you sneaked in a Journey to the West reference!

You'll enjoy it once he goes over the back of your ribs lol.
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This is going to be awesome and I'm looking forward to following this thread! Not only for the progress pics but for your thoughts as you go through the experience. I'm trying to decide whether to do my back so your experience will be helpful.
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God damn that is good....look forward to seeing this progress...and yes the back sucks ha ha
' Cherish every stroke of the needle ' Horiyoshi lll
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i like it so much. i can't wait for next update f... awesome dude.
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Originally Posted by West Coast NZ View Post
God damn that is good....look forward to seeing this progress...and yes the back sucks ha ha
For real. Out of all my pieces, the back is by far the worst piece I got in terms of pain.
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the design is amazing and you guys got through loads for 3 hours.
I wish steve wasnt so far away!
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Boom! perfecto!!
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Holy fucking shit.... This is gonna be insane. That's ridiculously fast for just 3 hours work too!!

Can't wait to see more on this!
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3 hours and all that, nice!!! What an amazing start to the piece

Have you guys talked about the colour palette yet?

The way the CDN dollar is going right now it's making me rethink about the talent located within our borders...
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Bloody love it. Love monkey King tattoos and that is up there. Please keep us updated
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