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Default 1 Month Healed Photo

Hi guys! As requested, my 1 month healed photo. The lighting isn't exactly I would like it but hopefully you can still tell how it would look in person.
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1 Month Healed Photo-dsc_7095.jpg  
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Superb piece, and I think you got a great pic of it btw!
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His stuff always heals great
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Wow! Had to do a little stalking to see who's the artist but had a feeling it was Phil Garcia haha I think I saw it on his IG. That is just perfect piece and it healed perfectly as well
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Healed great!
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That is a really beautiful piece. Love it.
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spot on!
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That's glorious. Congrats.
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That's such a fantastic tattoo. And it's your first, that is even more incredible, congrats.
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