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Originally Posted by NexivRed View Post
I'm aware he won't be the best but my budget won't stretch to the best. Could you explain further how he's straight up bad though? Maybe post an example?

In an ideal world perhaps

Could you explain why he's on the app if he's no good then please? And why people recommend using it if it's incorrect? I've looked through loads of his work and I'm happy and comfortable with his level of skill. I'm not made of money but love tattoos. I obviously want to avoid straight out bad ones, but I thought the whole point of the app was to create a list of reputable, decent artists who would give you a solid piece over a range of budgets? Have I missed something?
The reason there are artists of a solid calibar on the app is because I had to widen the scope of artists on it so that people who don't really want a high end artist. Circumstances etc. If I was to just put world class artists on it it would be too niche and elitist. I want to help all walks of life to get at least something solid at least.

Also the app hasn't been checked in a while as were trying to build a new one. I will be eventually be deleting some artists when the new app is built and will keep on top of them. Some do slip through the net and they will be sorted once I can get this app built properly
A map I have made of great artists around the world - http://thebragartlist.mobuapps.london/
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Originally Posted by NexivRed View Post
Thanks for your messages guys. I was getting a bit worried!

No, you're right. I wouldn't choose him for a portrait either; I'd set a much higher budget for a portrait! It'd be great if I could afford to head over to the States for the best rose ever, but I can't.
I did actually approach Lianne in Chelmsford a couple of years ago when I decided I wanted it rose based, but at that point she was 140 an hour so lord knows what she'd be now.

I know there are probably a number of tattooist near me who might be a bit better than him for not a lot more money, but it wasn't just money that was important to me. I wanted someone who was interested in executing my specific design, and what really sold him to me were the quality of his roses and the fact he was specifically requesting more, especially "stylised" roses.

Add to that I was very happy with how he did the chameleon (I looked at a LOT of chameleon tattoos to try and decide how I wanted that petal to look), and I'm confident it will turn out looking nice.
Obviously there are some fantastic artists tattooing complicated reptile designs, but they tend to be quite large tattoos to be able to capture the level of detail. So the fact he's had experience doing this sort of size/ detail balance before is a big plus point for me. I believe I'm in possibly the best hands for my budget, and I'm glad a lot of you agree

I realised the other day that I'm being tattooed the day after the general election! It's going to be very hard to go to bed that night, but I know I've gotta get good sleep.
I've also got a drifting day planned with my dad to be booked that month. Do you think I'm gonna be able to wrestle a steering wheel okay a couple of weeks after? Or am I insane lol.
Him being excited about the design is great. Means he's going to put his best work into it. Pics pls when it's done
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