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Chat Slut
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A black panther would cover that beautifully.

In all seriousness though, try not to over think it, if it has a meaning to you that's cool. you mention you need to wait 6 months before starting laser, well relax a little and see how you feel in 6 months time. It's not going anywhere and can't be changed, so try to enjoy it. If after 6 months (Which isn't a long time) you're still not happy, then get a few laser sessions, and cover it with something you will be happy with.
The placement means it's not constantly on show either. I'd certainly not be worrying about other people "judging" you or whatever, believe me most people don't give a damn about others.

Everyone gets a bit of initial regret when they have a big piece, because you've changed your appearance drastically, it passes.

At the moment I'm feeling regret because last Friday I had some Japanese maple leaves tattooed on my shoulder blades, the background of which has had so much black packed into it that my eyes water when I put a shirt on. The flip side is it looks pretty rad!
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I think everything about the tattoo looks good. I'm loving how unique it is.
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Ram's skull is badass and the placement of the cat works really well. Both look cool
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Chat Virgin
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Thanks again That is so kind

I wouldn't go for a cover up since the cat itself and the lily's have a specific meaning to me. (Though I don't 'feel' the meaning yet , when I look at it.. ' )
If I can't ever get used to it I would remove it but I have to say that I would feel bad about that too. It's weird isn't it? sometimes it's like I don't want the tattoo but I neither want to have it removed (even when it could be removed in an hour for example)
hopefully it's just a matter of time.
How do you deal with it , after Friday?
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Chat Slut
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I waited so long for my piece that it wasn't a huge shock to me when I actually got it. It's like I had been visualizing it for so long that it just seemed natural once it was on there. My only regret is maybe should have done a full sleeve with mancia instead of a half lol
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Chat Slut
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I remember being very self-conscious of my first tattoo when I first got it. It was on my ribs so it would only be on show when I went swimming, etc... I think in a way being hidden didn't really help initially with it psychologically with regards to other people's reactions as it was only on show in certain situations. A more visible tattoo forces you to accept it more... if that makes sense!

When I got my sleeve started I remember looking in the mirror the day after the colour went on the top half and thinking "wow, there is no escaping the fact that you are tattooed now". It was quite a leap psychologically to going from pale arms to a large area of really solid, saturated colour.... but in truth that feeling did not last long at all. I suspect a lot has to do with how happy I was with the art perhaps.

Then the more tattooed I got the less I thought about my perception to other people. Funnily enough these days when meeting new people or out and about with my tattoos on show I almost forget about them; the only time I feel any kind of self-consciousness about being tattooed is when I see people who I have known a long time but only see very rarely as I am aware that my appearance may have significantly changed since the last time I saw them. To be honest though the only reactions that I have ever had from them have either been positive or simply no reaction at all!
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Chat Virgin
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@TheRevJimJones Thanks! I know what you mean. Sometimes I don't think it is helpful that the tatoo isn't visible except when I am going for a swim or so . When it is on your arm you have to look at it constantly and perhaps you will get used to it earlier.

I feel bad today. Last week I finally stopped thinking about the tattoo and it didn't seem to be a problem anymore whatsoever, i was even happy with it.
But yesterday I had a rough day which caused me stress and I didn't sleep well. Today I feel sad because of that and I somehow 'blame' the tattoo and I am scared that this feeling does come back every time and will never go away. I know I don't think realistic when I am this tired but it frightens me that it seems I just cannot to let it go somehow.. :/
All of your stories give me some courage though, thank u so much again
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Adar, that is a very cool tattoo, and the fact it's a cover up - wow, you really can't tell it's covering anything!
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Chatter Box
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Both of the tattoos look solid. Certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

My only gripe with the ram's skull is that it could use a bit more punch/depth. I think a top notch tattooer could rework it a bit and make it look amazing. Don't get me wrong, it looks very cool and is well done. Also the placement is badass!

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Chat Slut
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I think this must be normal. I always get an intense regret a few hours after I finish a new tattoo. I think it has to do with the fact that it forever alters your body and after the adrenaline wears off you just feel exhausted.

I always seem to come around in a day or 2. The longest I've had this regret is on my most recent tattoo which is interesting because it's my 6th tattoo and the smallest one I have. I think it might be because of how impulsive it was compared to the others.
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anxiety , panick , tattoo

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