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NexivRed 12-09-2017 05:42 PM

Need realism b&g rose artist
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Hey all. I'm currently looking for someone who would be willing to take on a bit of touch up work. Ideally East Anglia/Outer East London sort of area, but I'll travel for the right work.

I had a tattoo I designed done by an artist on the BragArtList who, I feel, did a great job on 80% of my tattoo. However, I feel the centre of my rose is not up to his usual standard. He's done FAR better roses and I'm frustrated.

Obviously I went back to him after healing to talk about a couple of touch ups, and another pass on the black and grey areas. But after a few limp email exchanges, I feel he's pretty uninterested in topping it up. It may be due to him taking a lot of time off work currently due to back operations, I'm not sure. He's not responded to my last email notifying him of when I'm available.

So I'd like to move on and find someone who would touch it up and improve upon it for me. I feel there's a lot of potential in my tattoo, and if it were a little crisper with some better contrast, I'd be much happier.
I also lost a little bit of colour with the heal in two areas, and have an edge that needs smoothing out.

Money isn't really an issue now as I had a surprise energy rebate (Woo!), it's just about finding someone who's awesome at realism roses, but who'd also be up for working on an existing tattoo.

If you think someone would be more likely to book me in if they got to do some of their own work, then I'm happy to go down that route. I do want a couple of daisy type flowers tattooed right next to it in fact. I'll include a pic of something I drew up.

I'm asking in the forum mostly because I don't know the etiquette for asking work to be done on someone else's tattoo, and the app is pretty empty regarding the south east. I'd really appreciate it if anyone came to mind.

The only brilliant rose person I know of is Lianne at Immortal Ink, and I'm pretty sure she's not gonna be interested. Obviously I wouldn't hesitate to book in with her for my daisies if she'd work on my rose, but I feel a bit dumb asking her.

tdhine 13-09-2017 12:12 AM

How about Kamil?

If you added to it he'd probably be okay with cleaning it up.

greigr 13-09-2017 10:39 AM

Try Danny Romano at No Regrets, Cheltenham.

NexivRed 13-09-2017 11:25 AM

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Their work is stunning! Kamil's colour work is awesome and Danny's b&g might be just what I'm looking for. I'll drop them both an email one at a time :)

tdhine 13-09-2017 11:32 AM

If you're willing to travel to Cheltenham you could ask Phatt German to do it. He's a great guy and he's excellent at floral designs, colour and black and grey.

jimmbob 13-09-2017 12:20 PM

As a side note, your original artist should really do the touch up (normally free) without any complaints. If he's holding out for extra cash or just refusing to do it' it's a bit a of a toerag move.

NexivRed 13-09-2017 12:24 PM

Well, it's the other side of the country but nothing a little mini vacation and stay wouldn't fix! I imagine I'd be waiting a long time for artists like this anyway so plenty of time to plan something.

I'm willing to travel for the perfect work, definitely. Phatt's stuff is brilliant and I love how he uses small amounts of colour with b&g. That's ideally how I'd love my daisies to look.

Cheers guys :) This forum really comes through.

Angelart 13-09-2017 01:09 PM

Artist recommendation
I've had a lot of great work done at Mohawk Tattoo Studio. Its near Glasgow, Scotland. I agree that travelling for the right artist is worth it, and I'd definitely recommend the artists there! Look them up on Facebook, they post a lot of their work there! :)

NexivRed 13-09-2017 01:19 PM

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Originally Posted by jimmbob (Post 836814)
As a side note, your original artist should really do the touch up (normally free) without any complaints. If he's holding out for extra cash or just refusing to do it' it's a bit a of a toerag move.

I don't think it's cash. He agreed to the touch up after two emails to him. He said it shouldn't take long so he'd have space from October onwards (this was back in July), asked when I was free. I replied but had no reply back.

Because I already had to badger him with two emails before he replied, I was reluctant to pester him again. My social skills aren't great and I'd most likely have needed someone to write it and read his reply on my behalf due to my mental health condition. But also, if I felt he didn't do his best work on me the first time, I thought "what would someone recommend I do?" And the answer was, look for another artist, especially now I can afford even better.

Other examples of his roses. I don't feel mine is as clear in composition with as good a shading as these. And as an artist myself, I can see how mine can be improved but obviously I can't do it myself.

jimmbob 13-09-2017 01:26 PM

I think you've made the right choice looking around, especially as you say you have the cash to be choosy. In my opinion it doesn't need much to lift it, some nice dark tones and a bit of smoothing and it will look grand.


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