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Chat Virgin
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Default Did my artist fob me off

So my artist knows that I live about 1 hour away from the studio. Not a huge distance, but enough to be a inconvenience which costs me £20 each time in fuel and parking.

I understand artists donít want to work for huge hours, but heís never keen on doing anymore than a hour. Last time he said he couldnít mix colours so didnít want to do anymore as he had already started one bit? I had 1 hour. Itís just annoying as I always say please do as much as you can. I have heard people have 8 hour sittings. Heís charges enough, and the work is decent, but itís so frustrating. With work commitments and just having a little bit done each time feels like a smallish tattoo with drag on for months. Anyone else have this issue? Is it me been dramatic? Last time I got there and he cancelled which miffed me a bit, 30 mins notice.

How much does the average tattooist do in 1 sitting?
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I have never heard of this before, I can barley believe what I'm reading!

If he has 2 people wanting 3-4 hour tattoos, that's one day of work. But he's doing what, getting everyone in for an hour? Imagine the wasted hours cleaning down and setting up between customers where he's not getting paid. Surely he can't be doing this. I'd say one of 2 things is happening here.

1 He doesn't like you or he's treating you bad cos he's a bell end.

2 He isn't a great artist and only does small work (typical walk in stuff, names etc) and isn't used to doing longer sittings.
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Chat Virgin
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I’m fairly new to tattooing so I wasn’t sure it was the norm. He’s a good artist and has completed some big pieces although not sure how many sittings they took ha. My tattoo was booked for 4-5 hours. First sitting was 2 hours doing line work. Next was 1 hour. It would of took another hour to complete. I’m not a nightmare in the chair, don’t speak much or don’t move!

He’s a decent bloke and we get on fine it’s just annoyed me and kind of ruined my vibe for the tattoo! I know he’s not busy every day and getting clients in straight afterwards from what I can see. So obviously different colours can be added? He said if one Color got into another It could ruin it? I wish he’d understand the effort for me to take time off work etc.

Think He’s charging enough so even if he does a hour it’s still a nice earner
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That isn't normal and I wouldn't bother going to an artist who would only do an hour at a time, no matter how good they were. It would take forever to get anything completed.

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Chat Virgin
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Yeh that’s what I’m kind of thinking now. Wish I had never of started it to be honest. Thanks for the replies guys,

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Chat Slut
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The first artist I ever had would only do 3 hours per person even on the easiest areas like arms, I just thought it was the norm.

Do yourself a favour and go find a proper shop with proper artists.
A tattoo is for life, not just Christmas.
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Chat Slut
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Your artist sounds like a retard.
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So youíve got one more hour and then itís finished? Get it done and never go back.
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I had the opposite...my artist held me hostage for 9 hours and wouldnít let me leave until he was finished! 😂
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i have actually sort of encoucntered this myself

i once got a few pieces done by someone who always insisted they were fully booked up and could only do one or two hours max

i phoned once to ask when they could do a full day for me to be told i would have to wait at least 18 months, which i found was pretty damn strange and odd at the time

i just didn't bother going back, i think the artist in question was more interested in doing flash pieces rather than an actual proper tattoo, which kind of sucks as they were decent

i do know she was fairly new(as in 4 or 5 years) at the time, but surely someone who was serious would rather learn and gain experience....

i've seen a few pieces she has claimed to have done, and it makes me wonder now if she was putting someone elses work up as her own thinking back
Please go to a reputable artist.
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